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Great lead on tradable stock from Oracle with STT Pro. Looked at Oracle just prior to 3 PM and FIT was at 15.03. If I had shorted then, it got to as low as 14.78 (25 cents per sh). I waited a bit to see if it would go below 14.99 support at around 2 PM, and it did. I tried to get an execution at 14.93 and 14.88, but no fill. Small resist at 14.77, then real res at 14.60 (my goal). I gave it time, but didn't keep dropping. Higher price for me so scared to keep holding. Covered for small +

Posted: Sep 29, 4:26 PM/

This was one of yesterdays runner. Looking to go short as it became over extended but it went slower than extended but the pattern was right and my goal was met just as planned.

Posted: Sep 29, 3:50 PM

Entry comments: A big newsletter pick just put a $3.90/share price target on this stock, big volume pick up the past few minutes on the news, this could be multi-month breakout, if I'm wrong I lose 5 cents/share, if right my goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, worth a shot given the newsletter pump and chart

Exit comments: Zzzzz we got a little spike, but now volume is fading and there seems to be big sellers in the 3.25-3.30 area so it's not as much as I wanted. Serves me right for trading mid-day these breakouts are tough to hold, especially when the overall market is down 1%, trade safely and adjust expectations in this market

Posted: Sep 29, 12:53 PM/ 4/$

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Excellent Entry. Close below Pivot Support Previous Low and all other Indies. Also below 50 ma on 1 hr 30ma. Failed to continue breaking down. 16.45 strongly tested and support for days.

Posted: Sep 29, 12:30 PM