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Entry comments: weeklies

Exit comments: weeklies. out. over trading. damn it

Posted: Nov 28, 11:20 AM

booked gain to raise cash & buy more $RMTI

Posted: Nov 28, 11:24 AM/

Airline stocks soaring due to OPEC not wanting to cut production. Oil prices in a free fall due to an oversupply. Supply and demand.

Posted: Nov 28, 11:14 AM

Entry comments: Dec. weeklies

Exit comments: getting rid of this crap before it expires worthless

Posted: Nov 21, 10:54 AM

Entry comments: buying on the dip for a scalp target 0.15 / 0.2 c

Exit comments: sh.... !! going lower

Posted: Nov 28, 10:24 AM

Entry comments: weeklies

Exit comments: weeklies

Posted: Nov 28, 10:33 AM/