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Entry comments: hate it when i get shook out, back in for the gap, possibly add if i get a quick dip

Exit comments: added some into weakness holding for gap, what a pile of garbage, pretty upset now i didnt take the profits before close or after hours

Posted: Sep 30, 3:41 PM

Tried longing it but bad news all around.

Posted: Oct 01, 7:06 AM

Such a great call in IU Chat. Made my goal of over 1$ gain. Nailed it and booked it!

Posted: Oct 01, 1:21 AM/

Great call in IU chat. Went close to full size and booked near top at 1.56.

Posted: Oct 01, 1:24 AM/

#FOREX +99.40 One of the most profitable swing trades of the year has been some time coming, you can see the video lesson here held it to my first profit target despite almost losing my nerve a number of times, glad I held it despite this, had a number of internet /data lag issues towards the end of the trade, thought I might get a run lower (wishful thinking) but cut it when it started to grind upwards again to be on the safe side.

Posted: Oct 01, 7:56 AM/