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Entry comments: showed strength today , looking for a either a pre-market jump or to sell post market , small position size because im holding over night but still a good up side

Exit comments: sold when it topped had the trades ready to sell once i seen it break the 4.10 resistance sold at 4.10 but jumped the last minute and got out .05 up nothing wrong with that at all , i held a little longer then expected do to the strength it showed pre-market would be a great shot going into next week possibly if price action shows it

Posted: Jul 30, 11:38 AM

Entry comments: Bought into the close based on the chart.

Exit comments: I heard it too long trying to trade with bad Internet. It dropped 40 cents while I couldn't trade. Lesson learned.

Posted: Jul 29, 8:10 PM

($589) lossCCCLLong Stockbymeo

I passed on a 200 gain the first day, thought it might do an SPU...then the 2nd day they released a statement that killed the momentum. it tanked, bounced, stupidly i didnt get out for breakeven, and watched it tank again. i had promised myself not to risk more than a 400 loss on any trade after my stupid 815 loss earlier this year, but i didnt follow through. dumb, thats all

Posted: Jul 30, 2:25 PM/