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Like i discussed in my videos to my viewers and made the plan and did the analysis, great to see it went according to plan but never capture as much cents per share like i planned but made enough and found the amount of shares i needed as i you can see it went according to plan.

Posted: Sep 26, 3:46 PM

Entry comments: Shorted 450 shares at 6.61 at the potential top of a morning spike. It could easily keep squeezing cause its early, lower float and former supernova. However the support crack was at 6.70/6.80 and my entry is near that. The top was 6.70 so thats my risk. 6.80 should be big resistance. Goal is to cover in the 6.20s. Volume is very low and the spike could have easily been shorts covering. Will watch the price action.

Exit comments: Covered CRBP for a nice gain! Did exactly what I thought it would and downtrended to the lower 6s. It was taking forever to crack 6.30 and buyers kept holding it up. Ive became too familiar with this stock and I think it will bounce before the close so i locked in my $100 profit. Wanted to hold o/n but last time I did it spiked. Potential reshort into any spike. Potential short if It cracks below the 6.20s.

Posted: Sep 26, 9:48 AM

moving too slow for my liking

Posted: Sep 26, 1:57 PM

Cut losses quickly below 1% on trying out a new afternoon trading strategy starting this week. While this trade was not profitable, I learned that despite previous day moves from 1-2 PM working last week, afternoon trades entered after 2 work even better. Perfect example is CARA which I wanted to enter at 2:23, but life got in the way. Would have been a 25 cents per share gain. At least glad I saw it and try again tomorrow!

Posted: Sep 26, 4:17 PM/