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Reupped on the dip for 5 contracts total to try and break 500. Com: 5.

Posted: Jan 26, 3:26 PM

NLFX was bouncing off 445 every time and dipping back down, so decided to take profits. Fucked up on the selling, so second batch I got a lower price at 6.78, compared to 6.94. Lo and behold, not long after, it breaks 446 for new HOD. Live and learn. Com: 10.

Posted: Jan 26, 3:24 PM

Optionshouse switched over to TradeMonster platform today. Was still getting used to everything. Fucking sell defaults at one contract, so only 1 instead of my 5 got sold. So had to pay extra $5 commish, and get deducted 2 day trades. Such BS, but should've sold something in my paper account first to test it out.

Posted: Jan 26, 3:19 PM

booked gain to raise cash w/ stock ripping higher

Posted: Jan 26, 2:55 PM/

Entry comments: futures

Exit comments: futures

Posted: Jan 26, 2:36 PM

Entry comments: futures

Exit comments: futures

Posted: Jan 26, 2:23 PM