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Been following this for months and it felt safe to attempt a small % gain

Posted: Jul 28, 7:46 PM

Officieel 100 dollar winst hierop. exit op 2.06. Niet hierop gezet ivm commissiekosten die niet in dit systeem mee worden geteld. Deze trade compenseert kosten om overzichtelijk te houden naar realiteit.

Posted: Jul 28, 6:13 PM

Entry comments: I've been watching this stock since .60c. Its been beaten down a lot and is just awaiting FDA approval to jump up. For now I am playing the chart. Volume has more than doubled after a bunch of Insiders buying. Looking for potential build up to nhod tomorrow. If it doesn't break 95c resistance, I will sell into strength for any profits.

Exit comments: Bought again. Thinking it could push past 1. Failed my thesis. Out

Posted: Jun 22, 11:25 PM