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Latest Trades

Here is what is currently happening.

Overtrading at this point. Looked for a better entry from my last trade without seeing any buyers come in on level 2.

Posted: Oct 22, 12:42 PM

Would have made $400 if I didnt get back to this one so late : (

Posted: Oct 22, 2:35 AM/

boring stock , didn't want to hold over long weekend

Posted: Oct 22, 8:00 PM/

Bought and sold at the exact same price. SUNEQ just wasn't doing what I thought it would so after giving it a little time, I gracefully bowed out. Only loss here was $20 to etrade. Just a scratch $ wise but every trade helps me learn.

Posted: Oct 22, 6:08 PM/

Not a very smart trade on my part... still learning and hoping that the earnings report that comes out Monday is positive so I can re-trade this.

Posted: Oct 22, 5:35 PM/

Dip bought at 4.12, hit a high of 4.45 earlier in the morning so I thought it may retest that area, would have cut losses if it dipped below 4 or if I had saw bidders going away. Its a former runner, low floater and has some news about a contract with sprint. Thought about selling in 4.2's but I remembered about how I sold TOPS too early yesterday so I decided to see where it would go. Once it got to my actual goal of 4.4's I took profits

Posted: Oct 22, 2:35 PM/