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So i got alerted on this stock by @EmayEnvyi . He was saying it had a spiked and theres an upcoming trial news. At the time i looked at it wasnt really doing much so i just split my screen and had an eye on it just. But while looking there was trend and a double top and with the upcoming trial more or less this is gonna attract the hope traders to buy as the breakout traders anticipate the break of the double top due to the trend hence i bought. Thanks for the heads up @EmayEnvyi .

Posted: Sep 28, 4:13 PM

Was speaking of this stock in a video i made saying theres not much interest but glancing at it this morning took a small position as from the daily chart it had broken out and this would become the news as it would appear on scanners all around and attract breakout traders hence i bought along side them when they appeared.

Posted: Sep 28, 4:09 PM

Bought on Friday due to increase of study individuals sold into strength today because I don't trust their earnings report that is likely to come out soon.. Sold too soon could have sold at 2.70 but took safe profits on this risky play

Posted: Sep 28, 4:03 PM

Covered too soon earlier on this stock as the previous breakout level posed a threat to me as short seller as this was where the main event occur so i covered but as it ate through that area and sets up a sell off i got back in and went short as the momentum traders and dip buyers sell as the stock doesn't move on bit so as they sell i short into that.

Posted: Sep 28, 3:51 PM