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Small profits shorting $AKS, but I'll take small profits over losses any day. Shorted very near the top of the bounce to 6.75 at 2:59. Goal was to reach 6.53 support level, which would have been 20 cents per share. The stock simply never dropped below 6.64. I did not want to hold overnight, so I covered at the close. Good setup shorting at the top, just not the 20 cent drop I wanted.

Posted: Jul 27, 4:13 PM/

Got back in at 1.61 for 1000 shares but didn't do anything, rebought 500 shares at 1.57 since it was holding a bit above 1.50ish.....sold before the close at 1.62 since it was not moving but closed at 1.66 the last 2 minutes of the day...did not want to hold over night as I did not feel good about it

Posted: Jul 27, 4:06 PM

Seemed like a cup and handle, I was right but entered a bit late. Turned out it went higher afterwards so I bought too late and sold too early.

Posted: Jul 27, 4:13 PM