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A nice little gain on a Merger News. Monsanto and Bayer. Looking for a reentry if price permits but only gonna play options on it! I like making 50% in a couple days.

Posted: May 25, 7:46 PM/ 5

Last time stock was at 3.50 was Oct 2015, so PES was at multi-month breakout and uptrending all day. Potential to go to 3.78 resistance which was the goal. The stock just didn't move much but finished with a little bit of energy up 4 cents a share and a $6 profit. Again, goal was 3.78, but the stock just never got there. This is an energy stock, however, so afraid to hold overnight and sold at the close.

Posted: May 25, 4:16 PM/

Only able to trade late afternoon due to a family birthday party. $AMD had gone g/r below 4.24, and was first red day after 3 green days. Not a pump and dump, but rationale of "1st red day" afternoon fade made sense. Because company is so large, the price action just wasn't much only moving between 4.25 and 4.15. Covered position near the close as scared to hold overnight for a $4 profit. Not intent to scalp - just worked out that way.

Posted: May 25, 4:09 PM

Sold it a little bit to early but made profit so I'm thankful !

Posted: May 25, 4:00 PM


Posted: May 25, 10:29 PM/