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patience, trading to safe, stick to plan. set profit and loss margins. STUDY

Posted: Mar 28, 1:19 AM// 1

quick trade small profit. patience.

Posted: Mar 28, 1:18 AM/


Posted: Mar 28, 12:10 AM

$2,894 profitSPXShort OptionbyXL127


Posted: Mar 28, 12:09 AM

9:45 looks stagnant… 9:46 pullback failed better be out than sorry. Got tricked by 1 cent? Should I wait for 2 cents for next time? 1:19 It is boring… I want to overtrade but I hold myself. 2:05 doing something else… to pass time. I have OHRP, BTU and GGB on my watchlist. I only have shares to short on GGB. Time to learn something else, maybe online marketing. 3:44 I could trade GGB on the short side but the movement was too slow and it is getting late. I chose not to trade.

Posted: Mar 27, 5:30 PM

offering bounce trade

Posted: Mar 27, 5:24 PM