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Dusted off the weed watchlist thanks to Superman's tweet day prior. Bought the technical breakout, target was .25 but decided to sell sooner. Could have bought more shares. Update: should have bought at .18 and should have bought 10-20k shares.

Posted: Oct 22, 3:49 PM

I knew Sujan Lahiri would pull through, it was just a matter of persistence. Great article, big following. However, I did execute 4 day trades this week which means I can NEVER go over my limit again.

Posted: Oct 22, 2:39 PM/

Trade was a wash from earlier loss of the day. Loss is commissions. #ES_F #SPY #SPX #Daytrader

Posted: Oct 22, 3:29 PM//

Entry comments: bought for afternoon run. Making the move to r/g --i have a stop loss at 9.60

Exit comments: sold $VIMC for a .5 loss..cutting losses , don't like the price action

Posted: Oct 22, 1:59 PM

Entry comments: Trending up!

Exit comments: Had the chance to sell for a small gain and should have taken it. Booked a small loss instead.

Posted: Oct 22, 9:57 AM

Entry comments: weekly options.

Exit comments: im done for the day. im gonna just sit and analyze my terrible trading day once again.

Posted: Oct 22, 12:59 PM/