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$4 profitDHRShort OptionbyEntrada

Naked call on CNBC options pump. Tried to buy the calendar spread but just ended up with this one and decided to make a quick scalp rather than wait around. 80 dollar stock = 8,000 for one contract so didn't want to mess around too long with it. Testing these pumps by selling the opposite, has worked well on K, TLM and a few others I can't remember.

Posted: Oct 31, 8:35 PM/

Looks good but if I had stuck around was 1200 dollar trade within 20 minutes. Seemed like it was wonking around and wasn't doing much but that's the tell...

Posted: Oct 31, 8:22 PM/

$4 profitFBShort StockbyEntrada

Small play, wasn't feeling like sitting like I do when I trade FB well.

Posted: Oct 31, 8:20 PM/

Covered calls grind more premium on the oil.

Posted: Oct 31, 8:19 PM/

Again, countertrend scalp with big risk to small reward, off the CNBC pump. Powerful, should have just gone early with the Tim Alert and let it sit all day, but if you do that with some of the like ACCO you're gonna get burnt.

Posted: Oct 31, 8:19 PM/

Again, another countertrend small scalp rather than just trend trading for mega cash on this green QQQ day.

Posted: Oct 31, 8:17 PM/