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Entry comments: Taking long position

Exit comments: Got out with little gain

Posted: Mar 09, 12:52 PM

Shorting dangerous spikes, should have just been longer. Gave up a hungy profit oh so quick getting squeeze, lucky to not give up the whole bag really.

Posted: Aug 22, 6:07 PM/

Morning spike down

Posted: Aug 22, 5:51 PM/

Should have gone a bit heavier but my entry seemed kind of high.

Posted: Aug 22, 5:49 PM/

Tiny position on breakout, trying to play more breakouts these days it's a weak point in my game.

Posted: Aug 22, 5:42 PM/
$10 profitUVXYShort OptionbyEntrada

Closed out a little too early in retrospect but didn't like how it was trading

Posted: Aug 22, 5:40 PM/