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Bought this on a Friday as a late day breakout above previous highs. Past earnings winner, past good news, waiting for a morning spike. Plus lots of shorts %, so hoped for a squeeze. Most of the week was sideways action, so held. Friday got excited to see a pop of 10%. Found resistance at 12.50, and couldn't break it so sold. Of course that meant it broke through right after and found its way to 13.60 (as of now), but still happy with profit, decent trade.

Posted: Sep 30, 10:58 AM/

pure options play in my long term account. Combo play on my smaller account

Posted: Sep 30, 10:28 AM

Entry comments: following tim on this one

Exit comments: Down $25, biggest loss yet. Have to learn to get out quick - these junk stocks most often do not go back up (like I always expect). Once they start dropping, they dont go back up - specially when it gaps down...

Posted: Sep 29, 12:59 PM