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Catching falling knives yo.

Posted: Oct 30, 8:33 PM/

Had to work it on the countertrend scalp. Again, why not just go with the huge waterfall of doom; high shares and danger factor with GOLD dying.

Posted: Oct 30, 8:28 PM/
$7 profitBMYShort StockbyEntrada

I just never seem to learn its much better to just go with the trend rather than scrambling to get out on a huge breakout b/c you are short.

Posted: Oct 30, 8:21 PM/

Played just a few shares after earnings. Quick trade, but long at 185, left a lot on the table; traded way above

Posted: Oct 30, 8:17 PM/

Small speculative short but wasn''t working.

Posted: Oct 30, 8:14 PM/