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Entry comments: Bought $IPCI @ $3.15, 500 shares to hold over the weekend. Small position on a strange chart that hung at $3.15 for a while. Dropped momentarily, but snapped back up to $3.15. Allowing for a 5¢ risk. Hoping for 15¢ to 20¢ at a retest of $3.33. Will have a very tight stop on this one.

Exit comments: Thought it would hold above $3. Stopped out @ 2.97, 6% loss.

Posted: Oct 21, 8:06 PM/

More money on the short side but I was too scared of a fake out. I bought .20 from support because it was moving fast and sized in at 100 shares because I was only willing to lose $20 + $20 in broker fees. I got in because I thought the shorts were about to get squeezed but it did not squeeze that much... only enough for me to make 1.10/share. Note: Because of all my loses lately, I've been to timid to jump in anything but I've been learning a lot. So now, I am trying to find my niche.

Posted: Oct 26, 7:09 AM/


Posted: Oct 26, 1:47 AM/