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Bad Idea

Posted: Sep 16, 4:50 PM

price action was good but it lacks volume. A clean support helps for good breakout. It was scary. I could not believe that it can go that high.

Posted: Sep 16, 4:12 PM/ 1

many times. I buy after a b/o. Then, it started to crash back… that sucks… Maybe I should not be too fast… How…. I would have sold for a loss earlier but I have got stubborn. Not good. It has gotten very annoying. I hate losing. I may go back to one of my old technique.. I will see.

Posted: Sep 16, 4:11 PM
($9) lossSINOLong StockbyKBloc

I have hesitated betweeen this one and RWLK. I am very glad not to jump into RWLK or I lost a lot. This one sucks too. I got in but it did not go higher and I got out before it failed the support. I was stuck buying at a high price. Too bad. It was kinda a double top. Better luck next time.

Posted: Sep 16, 4:11 PM
$6 profitSCOKLong StockbyKBloc

puny gain from b/o at 7.45. I was preoccupied with $AT. A bit late for the entry. Short Squeeze caused me not to go in with a good price.

Posted: Sep 16, 4:11 PM
($8) lossATShort StockbyKBloc

lod… same style than hod but on the other side. I need practice seeing graph. I thought it would be slow because it started off slow. I spend time checking $SCOK. Unfortnately, it rised. I should be more careful next time… I should have zoomed in to see the screw up of the price falling.

Posted: Sep 16, 4:10 PM