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So-so day. Had good profits early on and burned them on some impulsive trades.

Posted: Feb 24, 7:31 AM

($9) lossPVALong StockbyKBloc

10:43 another try. Sl at 6.75. 11:03 sl at 6.97. 11:18 sl at 7.07? 11:33 sl at 7.06. I did not sell because it is kinda confusing. I gave a bit of room. Out: another failed attempt. Looking at old charts and looking for some inspirations. 3:19 spent time meditating, bactesting, looking at graph. It is a slow day to me. Trade pullback or not? Figuring out stuff. I tend to set a system that fits it all. I am not really good at

Posted: Feb 26, 7:18 PM/ 1

9:37 Le'ts hope it will work. Sl at 2.31. 9:42 sl at 2.45. 9:51 sl at 2.46. Out: 9:58 The loss is deep… It was a good try. Sigh… My account is reaching to a new low. I always wonder if I will stop beeding consistently in day trading. 10:26 I always wonder if stocks have changed my life... for the worse. No play yet. My new currenty system is good this time against reversal but not good with double tops. I would get caught and pay the penalty. If I start to plan for pullback, I would tend

Posted: Feb 26, 7:17 PM/ 1

Instead of trying to short these garbage biotech stocks, I decided just to go long. it worked lol but I didn't put up any size.

Posted: Feb 26, 4:14 PM

Testing thesis -Using Hod ( 9.40) as a stopped-- was looking for a g/r rejection. I RISKed .02 for .20 cent reward ..but the move never happened so took some small gain. when the stock doesn't do as plan ---get out....

Posted: Feb 26, 4:13 PM