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($18) lossWAIRShort StockbyKBloc

sl at 14.28. I do not feel ike trading… but I clicked it anyway. 3:12pm. Grrr… I should not take this trade… wait… went back down? /// Still need to refine my ultimate strategy that fits my type. Read some charts and I do some calculations…

Posted: Nov 22, 5:23 PM

sl at 5.18. a good base above 5.20 at 12:01pm. It also gives a good rrr. I will see how it goes. Sigh…. I have traded mid range again… and I miss EJ due to that. It is just addicition. Once I get one, I am addicted to get more of it… Oh an uptick…12:13pm. :) Wow! it goes up fast! 12:14pm. I miss the top. Kinda regret it but not really. I follow my system and that is it. I am hungry. 1:12pm and tired. Let's call that a day... ///

Posted: Nov 22, 5:23 PM/ 1

sl at 8.95. it sits above 8.90 support. No… 12:24pm. Too bad that it drops sooo fast. First screw up at 9.3 and second screw up at 9.17. I wish I can sell at the peak but it is impossible. I am somehow a trend follower. I can never time the peak. ///

Posted: Nov 22, 5:21 PM/ 2

sl at 2.00 it is basing. I think it is going up. Damn it.. Lose money so quickly. Just lose in a few money. Annoying. Wrong guess. ARUN, going lower… Grrr….

Posted: Nov 22, 5:21 PM
$0 profitSFUNLong StockbyKBloc

sl at 8.87. it sits on support at 9:59am. 10:03am, currently having 2 stocks. Should I go for a third one? Spot a double screw up, 2 broken level. It is either weak, reversing or going nowhere. Then, back up… grrrrr….. To 9. 10:30… not really, it goes back down.

Posted: Nov 22, 5:20 PM
$37 profitARUNShort StockbyKBloc

sl at 20.03. I spot a level 9:47am. Not too risky. I will see if it breaks below 19.70 as LOD. Gonna aim more than a single. Not because I am greedy but it is very tiring to get in and get out all day long. I am going back to double screw up principle as exit strategy. b/d at 10:02am, sweet! I respect my double screw up principle. Hold, hold, hold... spot a double bottom with 0.01 cents difference. It is usually a reversal so I am out for precaution.

Posted: Nov 22, 5:20 PM