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$152 profitISNSShort Stockbytom7

Entry comments: Shorted some small overnight due to 1st down day/possible financing

Exit comments: Tks @timothysikes profit with my first 3 digits after becoming a trading challenge students.

Posted: Aug 28, 4:41 PM

Not the most disciplined trade because I held after the first time it hit 16.00 and started to collapse. I should have sold @ 15.95. I'm sure I will wish I would have held until the morning gap up tomorrow, but I had to take profits.

Posted: Aug 29, 3:07 AM/

$2 profitWSMShort OptionbyEntrada

Probably a safe trade but I don't know much about the company and when I learned a little more I wasn't real convinced this was a good trade to put on.

Posted: Aug 28, 7:06 PM/

Looks great on paper but this was a terrible trade trying to couner trend short this HUUUUGE earnings winner (not really in my book by ms. market sez so). Very high risk, was very underwater with a huge position and lucky to get out as when I closed it squeezed above my short immediately. I am long now with a tiny position on a gap up, this stock has many bears trapped imo who were between 46 and 49.

Posted: Aug 28, 6:57 PM/