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Trading with @JakeColeman #JakeColemanTrading using the #JakeColemanOverlay.

Posted: Oct 25, 12:16 AM/

shooting fish in a barrel

Posted: Oct 24, 4:49 PM/ 3

Entry comments: Stock was at an oversold level according to the RSI, at $2.65. Tried to get in at that price level, but my order kept getting rejected. maybe because I am using my paper trade account. finally, I decided to place my order as a market order to get in. I got a fill of 500 shares at a price of $2.71. $0.6 from what I wanted.

Exit comments: This stock was moving really slow. It took 3 hours just to go up .05 cents. I was expecting the stock to at least test its daily high from the opening. I forgot to look at previous support level before entering, as they acted as resistance. Overall the trade was not a good one as I chased and did not plan out the stock. Before entering the stock I at least knew that the stock was at an oversold RSI while holding at support levels. after fees I made $5.

Posted: Oct 24, 5:33 PM

Trend continuation trade that had very little follow through

Posted: Oct 25, 12:27 AM/