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$1 profitVSRShort StockbyKBloc

set order at 3.55… better price. Ok. Want to give a try to HOD and LOD. Sl at 3.75. Stay simple… It is not funny to lose ESI opportunity… time is running out. 1$ is better than nothing… ///

Posted: Oct 20, 6:00 PM/ 1
($16) lossESILong StockbyKBloc

dip buying… after b/o at around 10. It was another big drop after a short rising of a few minutes… I really hate biting the dust all the time. Then, it goes back up again… /// If I did not lose many times, I would have the confidence to ESI at HOD b/o. I missed too on Friday… I have spent the afternoon thinking what I can do better… In fact, thinking simple is a better idea.

Posted: Oct 20, 5:59 PM
($6) lossSHORLong StockbyKBloc

about to rise but it goes up quite quickly. It was a fail… should have wait price action to go really above 7.70 before thinking of getting in. it is a double top.

Posted: Oct 20, 5:59 PM

it fails to go lower. LOD is at 13.66. Then, price action goes above and destroys. 13.83. Beginning of reversal. It just fails to go higher… my level got destroyed too. 14.00. I had a weak hand but I would never know it it would go sideway or not. Not chasing.

Posted: Oct 20, 5:58 PM

not an easy one. Well, get caught many times in the fake…training my eyes to see it. 1 min sl is applied on dip buying. Just hate that unpredicatble big drop. A big seller… SHS is complete. Gonna put alert at HOD and move on.

Posted: Oct 20, 5:58 PM

still learning to read dip buying…

Posted: Oct 20, 5:58 PM