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Such a quick countertrend scalp, more please, size or set ups.

Posted: Oct 29, 9:54 PM/

Trying to make my subscription money back...played small and am now like 4/11 profitable on Tim Alerts. I'm on a winning streak now though! 2 out of the last 2

Posted: Oct 29, 9:53 PM/

$42 profitFBShort StockbyEntrada

An entry error cost about 200 bucks round trip and kind of threw away the first great trades. Aggressively shorted at the HOD but didn't hold long enough; still got green and added a few bucks here and there when it looked good.

Posted: Oct 29, 9:50 PM//

$3 profitUVXYShort OptionbyEntrada

Didn't like how this put was acting so I closed for a paltry 3 bucks. Traded a little lower but didn't seem to be moving with the stock at all..

Posted: Oct 29, 9:44 PM/

Super small short AH. Closed it late hoping I can get some near 5.

Posted: Oct 29, 9:42 PM/