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Entry comments: I only want a crack down to 1.4 if it reaches 1.43 with this kind of volatility I think it can crack. About to go to class may keep this position overnight

Exit comments: Easy man, there comes a point in your trading career after a few years where it just comes easy. This actually ended up going so fast that I got executed at 1.39 instead of 1.4 which is fine with me I underestimated where the drop could go. Remember guys, sideways price action near lows with low volume and clear reward = almost definite drop. Reminds me of another 2000$ trade I made today lol

Posted: Aug 30, 1:55 PM

Sold my position at last minute of the day. Good fourth deal on this stock today, all profitable. Gift which keeps giving. Very good news driven this one whole day, good volume 55.7M and volatility. What else we can ask :)

Posted: Aug 30, 4:08 PM/

Surprised I had the patience to hold this one so long. It had support at .25-.26ish that has been holding but the overhead resistance at .31 seems to be too strong. A scratch after commissions.

Posted: Aug 30, 1:12 PM