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Wow, silly button pushing and my best trade of the day.

Posted: Sep 19, 6:38 PM/

Small trades and pretty weak resolve...

Posted: Sep 19, 6:37 PM/

Let's not talk about it. few shares, +4.00 per share. Guess I should have gone heavier...

Posted: Sep 19, 6:36 PM/

Real small 15 share position to let me sit for a while and train some patience. Real nice entry and exit.

Posted: Sep 19, 6:35 PM/

Terrible trading...bought near low and didn't wait, flushed myself. This whole day seemed like this...

Posted: Sep 19, 6:34 PM/
($2) lossFBLong StockbyEntrada

Ack just like yesterday, in actuality a nice entry that I didn't let sit or add to...

Posted: Sep 19, 6:33 PM/