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Entry comments: #FOREX - Open new position - repair position - targeting daily pivot

Exit comments: #FOREX -2.4 closed out repair trade for small loss after levels failed to hold,

Posted: Oct 23, 4:05 AM/

Close to a perfect trade if only I can do this more. Short 1/2 size on opening bell, then add full on first spike, dump it back down to 79.01. The only improvements would be "overbuy" at 79 because it went on a huge 1.50 rip afterwards. Also missed reshort fills by a penny a couple of times, which would have added a little cream to this incredible 5 minute winner. Can probably double/triple if I am paying better attention but was somewhat concerned with position, gap up, big spike etc.

Posted: Oct 23, 6:54 PM/

Wow, so much easier if I would have just traded with the trend. But no, I had to fight the grind from .40 to the high .80s. I thought it might stop there b/c that was yesterday's nigh. Didn't exit real elegantly, but cleaned 50 out of a pretty bad idea originally with lots of patience and adding size at resistance.

Posted: Oct 23, 6:47 PM/

Somehow a cancelled order got executed after hours and I was way underwater. Shorted more and got out much too quickly but still don't know what was happening here. Just real panicky but at 6pm it actually dropped below my original sell order, strangely enough.

Posted: Oct 23, 6:43 PM/

Scale in from 7.20 where it looked like it was bouncing. Nah, this pile of shit went to 6.91 and didn't come up for air. Lucky to get out with a Hamilton, was down around 80 or 100 at a couple points but just sat on the ask above 7 rather than panic

Posted: Oct 23, 6:35 PM/

Small short on 40 break but dang just wait 10 mins and this is a huge short. Wheeles fell off above 40 but I didn't get as many shares as I wanted and didn't want to chase

Posted: Oct 23, 6:28 PM/