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Whoa, was up was way down was up again for an easy out but the siding guys needed me. Then down big. Then finally b/e.

Posted: Aug 20, 9:22 PM/

Going to reshort this junk soon and much bigger size. Just need a nice reddy red dday...this was an overnighter 20 share micro swing.

Posted: Aug 20, 7:07 PM/

($6) lossHDShort StockbyEntrada

Wow, not a good day to short HD. Should have got some long on but was not convinced until it hit 91!!!!

Posted: Aug 20, 6:52 PM/

Interesting intraday, dropped much further than I should and required some jiggering to get out with some bucks.

Posted: Aug 20, 6:16 PM//

Should have been huge but was trading kind of weird for consolidation. I'm always happy with $50 if I was down enough to be concerned...

Posted: Aug 20, 6:11 PM/

Should have gone with carl from 24 to 28. It was pretty obvious big money was in here...

Posted: Aug 20, 5:44 PM/