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Scottrade sucked today. Their website was down for an hour, completely unacceptable. Made the trade later in the day looking for a breakout. The chart was there, but when it was all said an done I noticed I bought while volume was next to nothing during consolidation. Stock began plummeting towards 2.15, but I took my loss quickly.

Posted: Oct 31, 4:07 PM/

was dip buying this earnings winner and it never could get going in the right direction for me

Posted: Oct 31, 3:32 PM

Entry comments: APT spiked on LAKE good PR. looking to make .40 cents

Exit comments: made my .40 cents and got out. dont want to hold over the weekend. good trade

Posted: Oct 30, 6:15 PM

Entry comments: Long SOPW for day/swing. Target low 2's for daytrade.. maybe 2.50+ if I hold o/n or thru w/e

Exit comments: Sold 2k SOPW @ 2.15, 2k remaining long Sold last 2k SOPW @ 2.35.... total 4k @ 2.25avg will buy back on any decent dip

Posted: Oct 30, 11:06 AM

Posted: Oct 31, 3:11 PM

I didn't follow the rules stayed in to long.

Posted: Oct 31, 2:40 PM