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Latest Trades

Here is what is currently happening.

Entry comments: Shorting the retracement after being Stopped out. Waited to see if price broke the 0.382% but it held. Also holding the 200 EMA. Down on the M5 Charts.

Exit comments: Closed out on the hold of the 0.382% Fib level. On the M5 This is looking Bullish, on the M15 Still Bearish. So It's between goal posts right now. I took a -7 Pip risk, which was -5 Pips with spread included.

Posted: Oct 20, 8:17 PM/

Entry comments: Entry on trend line and resistance on the M15 chart. On the M5 there's a double top in which price was rejected by the 100 moving average. Risk is -15 Pips. Will cut losses if levels don't hold.

Exit comments: Got out of the shower. The levels never held, price came up stopped me out, and now it's moving in the directed I anticipated. Never the less, out at -17.1 Pips. Lost daily profits.

Posted: Oct 20, 6:53 PM/

Stupid short, I read something in the chatroom and gabmled in anticipation of 28 level to Crack. Once again, early short got squeezed. so, got out with small loss, but it was a bad trade.

Posted: Oct 20, 3:49 PM/

Entry comments: Huge bearish engulfing and held resistance again. On the 1HR time frame price slipped under the 100 mva. To me the 100 & 200 are important because it takes something, or an event to trigger price below those levels. There's still support at 79.300; but a trade with the trend increases probability.

Exit comments: Closing out for the NY Session. Out at +8.5 Pips. Will look for re-entry during the next market session. Goal is to make this pair profitable again.

Posted: Oct 20, 1:05 PM/

Entry comments: #AUDJPY is the first pair I'm aiming to get back into a profitable state. Took this trade on the rejection of 100 HR MVA and 20 HR MVA. Down at the M15 there's resistance that it couldn't break through, Although its in a tight range. I took the trade with the trend. -30 Pip SL with a Trailing Stop. It's above 2 resistance levels. On the break of the range, I'll add size.

Exit comments: Closed out for the NY Session. Out at +11.2 Pips. Will wait until the Sydney and Tokyo Session to seek re-entry. Held that Fib level

Posted: Oct 20, 12:14 PM/