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booked gain & bought more $XOMA

Posted: Sep 30, 9:40 AM/

Bought on close to hold o/n after show of strength at the end of day. Got lucky on morning gap, but rather be lucky than good. Thought 100 shares was manageable risk but after realizing it was up 9 points on the day I didn't sleep too well as it could have gapped down 10 points. Won't do this too many times.

Posted: Sep 30, 9:36 AM

Entry comments: How discouraging can this be? Seconds after I entered what seemed like a good entry point into a perk, it decides to plummet .20 and the continue declining the rest of the day. Call me bag holder but I'm being patient.

Exit comments: The trading gods smiled upon me allowing me to sell this POS with a profit after being heavily under water yesterday.

Posted: Sep 29, 6:21 PM

VSA Syndicate trade :) forex trading just gets better and better!

Posted: Sep 30, 9:14 AM

Price action move, in and out in pm. Too risky at market open

Posted: Sep 30, 9:39 AM