Out $VSR for small loss. My thinking was right on, as this thing hit $7.66 premarket, but fucking ThinkOrSwim would not execute my orders. This is not the first time I've been screwed by not allowing premarket trades. (IB did it to me on my $CAMT loss.) I sold right at the open though, relieved that it didn't tank more. Could have been more patient and waited for the first candle and eaked out a profit, but when it started panicking in the last 3 minutes premarket, I wasn't going to mess around. I'll be transferring out my remaining funds from TDAmeritrade and moving it into IB to focus 100% on short selling.

bdetweiler Oct 16, 9:45 AM

Man, bounced off of 6.50 support and had a quick spike up to 7.50. There was profit potential there, but this stock is way too choppy and scary. And now looking at it, my order got executed right at 6.84, so I'm out flat minus commission (which is way too high at TD).

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