[TimAlerts] I'm on TDAmeritrade and thinking of switching to IB...tried to short FATE at 2.75 but TD didn't have any shares to short, does anyone know if IB did? PM me


@kroyrunner Hi Tim! Just a quick question! TDAmeritrade does not short OTC tickers. Do you have any recommendations for what brokerage that does that? Without any huge huge commition or trading fees? I have used Suretrader but they are really expensive and have bad costumer support.

kroyrunner Jan 13, 12:19 PM

Unfortunately Suretrader or Centerpoint are probably your best options, and they are both expensive

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TDAmeritrade its bad enough that you never have stocks to short but dam you cost like a $170 on an order that i cancelled and some how I was still in the trade. I think its fair for me not to post this trade being that I had no knowledge that I was even in.

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[TimAlerts] AQXP someone short this for me and ill send you money via paypal... been trying to short since the 30's TDAmeritrade sucks PM me

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@Choc7up Yes sir, I go into the stock summary on my TDAmeritrade research section and it shows a summary for each ticker you input, in this case it is 102.0k. The "news was on a patent awarded" however, in hindsight, it appears the news was released earlier prior to the public receiving it this morning. Check the A/H spike yesterday. So now, I've turned a quick popper into a swing trade. Best Wishes and I hope this helps.

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