[TimAlerts] I'm on TDAmeritrade and thinking of switching to IB...tried to short FATE at 2.75 but TD didn't have any shares to short, does anyone know if IB did? PM me


Top penny stock broker platforms for buying and short selling include ThinkOrSwim, SpeedTrader, Interactive Brokers, SureTrader, Etrade and TDAmeritrade. More information is given at the following link, discussing what is the most suitable brokerage for you!!

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1Philli Feb 10, 3:56 PM

youmay want to look at trade station

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@kroyrunner Hi Tim! Just a quick question! TDAmeritrade does not short OTC tickers. Do you have any recommendations for what brokerage that does that? Without any huge huge commition or trading fees? I have used Suretrader but they are really expensive and have bad costumer support.

kroyrunner Jan 13, 12:19 PM

Unfortunately Suretrader or Centerpoint are probably your best options, and they are both expensive

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TDAmeritrade its bad enough that you never have stocks to short but dam you cost like a $170 on an order that i cancelled and some how I was still in the trade. I think its fair for me not to post this trade being that I had no knowledge that I was even in.

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[TimAlerts] AQXP someone short this for me and ill send you money via paypal... been trying to short since the 30's TDAmeritrade sucks PM me

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