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A former penny stock promoter who now teaches how to spot penny stock promotions early with an amazing track record of success!
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1) What is the Pre Promotion Stocks trading strategy?

We specialize in identifying upcoming stock promotion campaigns before they begin. The idea is to buy early and profit from the rise in share price that usually happens once a stock promotion campaign begins.

The Pre Promotion Stocks trading strategy has an emphasis on OTCBB and pink sheet stocks trading under $1.

2) Do I really have to agree to a Non-disclosure agreement? Why?

Yes. In order to preserve the value of information taught to Pre Promotion Stocks members, you will be asked to agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) after joining.

The purpose of the NDA is to protect valuable information such as research tools and methods, stock promoter "sister" websites, new stock promotion campaigns or the contents identified in S.E.C. filings so that it remains confidential for members-only.

In a nutshell, our research is very valuable and we do not want it published on twitter, message boards or other chat rooms.

3) What are some typical trades?

Our most common trade is buying a penny stock (usually OTCBB) that has both unusual trading activity (abnormal volume + slow increase in price per share) AND some connections to past stock promotions because in our opinion the likelihood that these stocks will soon be promoted is very high. Some examples:

(1) Bought ALZM on 3/11/11 @ $1.06 because of unusual trading activity and ties to several past stock promotions then sold it 1 day later for a 7.5% gain and watched it go 128% higher (sold way too soon).

(2) Bought TBBC on 5/10/11 @ $1.11 because of unusual trading activity and S.E.C. filings that disclosed +$1M allocated towards an "investor relations campaign" then sold it 2 weeks later for +27%.

(3) Bought LEXG on 3/24/11 @ $1.045 because of unusual trading activity and ties to several past stock promotions then sold it intraday for +7.3% and watched it go 850% higher (sold way too soon again)!

Occasionally we'll buy an actively promoted stock but only if a very big stock promotion group is pumping it AND we're able to buy immediately when the campaign starts. Some examples:

(4) Bought MILV on 10/26/2011 @ $0.055 then sold some intraday and the rest 1 week later for +27%.

(5) Bought ABOT on 12/16/2011 @ $0.0225 then sold it 3 days later for +101%.

4) Aren't penny stocks dangerous?

Penny stocks are one of the riskiest asset classes to trade or invest in. However, we're not blindly throwing darts at random stocks because of some "big news" or a pie-in-the-sky business plan.

Some of the most predictable chart patterns in the world are a result of stock manipulation and stock promotion and we seek to profit from the hoards of investors that blindly follow the recommendations of penny stock newsletters by buying ahead of them.

5) Which plan should I choose?

If you're serious about learning how the stock promotion industry works and how to spot ideal pre promotion trading opportunities on your own, I recommend going with the "Premium" plan. In addition to chat room access, daily watchlists and real-time trading alerts, you will learn some very valuable information via video lessons such as:

   -Tricks on how to be among the very first traders to buy confirmed PennyPic/AwesomePennyStocks promotions such as MILV, AMWI and ABOT.

   -How to locate all of the biggest stock promoter's "sister sites" and the most effective way to follow them all via GMail.

   -Ways to become an expert "stock sleuth" on the internet so you can connect all the dots and figure out what promoters are involved in a particular stock and what their past deals were.

Micro-cap stocks move primarily on paid promotion and awareness campaigns and this service gets you in BEFORE the big hype starts. Barboli

Very approachable and very willing to answer any questions you might have via chat or email. XiATH

Good service. Easy to understand data. Jthurstenson

I am really glad I joined. Harrisonjward

Best learning experience into the shady world of stock promo. Jhoirup

Great alerts, knowledgeable research, and integrity. Downtowndental

An excellent weapon in your arsenal! TMcNasty

I was looking for more buy low sell high than into shorting so I chose Pre Promotion. Know

Does an amazing job not only screening stocks, but conducting in depth research into stocks that appear to have signs of pre-promotion. Stahleteam

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Very good at finding promotions before everyone else catches on. Ggtopspin

Overall I would highly recommend. Demersal

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