Magmaflow1 Dec 16, 7:35 PM

Do you always use mental stops or do you sometimes use a hard stop? Do you think it would help to have a hotkey setup for one cent above ask/bid, and one cent below to help fill orders?

Big_Dog Dec 16, 7:42 PM

Nate, sorry so late but i line up my plays from your email every night.and then pre market there are 4 or 5 plays and then Emil or someone will list a couple other plays. Before I know it i am trying to watch 15 charts, end up playing about 10 to 15 charts per day and end up making 100 + buys and sells each day. I guess my ? is about WHAT and HOW many to focus on. thanks

FierceDeity300 Dec 16, 8:40 PM

Hey Nate what do you do usually when say, you have a stop at 3.20, pps hovering around 3.12, and you get a candle that spikes it like .60 to around 3.80s, would you just get out to be safe, or wait a few seconds see what it does to not get wicked out? Thx

Trikister Dec 16, 8:54 PM

Do you typically short at the bid to get the quickest execution or do you set your sell limit (on a short) to a price higher than the current bid with anticipation that you get a better price?

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