FrenchAss Jul 22, 5:43 PM

Hi Michele, How are emotions like when swing trading vs daytrading and how do you deal with those (gap risk for instance)? Does SPY trend matter as much as in daytrading? Do you ever daytrade? Any advice for som1 trying to transition from daytrading to swing trading? Thanks for your time, Gerald

alexc1 Jul 22, 11:47 PM

Hey Michele, general question for you on risk management. Recently I believe you were posting a short setup for YELP, which has been a speculated takeover target. In an instance like this, would you hold positions overnight and if so ever hedge with options? Just curious with so much M&A activity lately. thanks!

Magilla Jul 23, 8:48 AM

Hi Michele, I was hoping you could go over what package you subscribe to on, what features you like most about it/use the most, and whether you would recommend it.

vetdoc75 Jul 23, 8:56 AM

Hi. Michele you did say you often do one day trade in a trading day. Again what indicators or studies are you using when just making that day trade. if you can explain in different time frame charts will appreciate it?

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