drillerdan Nov 18, 6:19 PM

can you advise on how to better stop out? I had a long on BDR today from 2.20 risking to 2.10 I stopped out at 2.08 but I am so disgusted that I was the low tick this seems to be a common occurrence hitting the bottom tick. If I give it more wiggle room some times it works but the times it don’t I have big losses because I get stubborn. Should I have stopped out earlier? Am I giving my trades too much room then panic at the critical point?

gatosksa Nov 18, 7:03 PM

When shorting into a parabolic move, do you short on the offer or the bid? I always have trouble deciding when and where to short and by the time I make up my mind, the stock has moved on

rocker Nov 18, 7:15 PM

I'm not good at math I have a hard time knowing how many shares to use to calculate my risk being that it is so different for a $3 stock vs a like an $80 stock. Could you show on a calculator the equation to do this. Thanks

TradeAddict Nov 18, 7:23 PM

[Nov 18, 2014 12:39:07 PM EST] InvestorsLive if this VA push fails again I will snag short for some more fade to 38 You start shorting big at about 38.90s. Thats actually when it perked off that higher low. For me thats a strong signal. How did you nail this? Cause you said you were shorting into weakness(if push fails). But the push just started there...thanks

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MrDax Nov 16, 10:27 AM

The screen is too small even when you go to full screen mode. Makes it really hard to see the charts. Otherwise, good webinar.

InvestorsLive Nov 16, 10:29 AM

@MrDax no it's not -- make sure you have HD button clicked I have it on 15" right now and it's perfect make sure you do the same!

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