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1moevilla Mar 02, 9:51 PM

Thanks for the video!

BigDog Mar 02, 11:43 PM

Tim, thanks for great teaching & trading. I am kind of new, just watching your DVD, videos. Learning a lot, You are just amazing man. I think you work so hard for your students. Thank you so much.

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$895 profit EYES Short Stock

Entry comments: Looks like it wants to go red on the day, SSR in place so I have to be early on my short to get executed, if it takes out 16.20-16 its a goner, goal is to cover into panic

Exit comments: Got the crack of the day and not much more, I'm locking in profits since I'm up $6k today my biggest day since trading with this small account...just had to wait for the right setups, will do video lesson tonight!

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McBain Mar 02, 4:07 PM

Surprised you didn't give it a little more time considering how badly the volume was dropping. But I've watched all of your lessons and know why you covered.

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