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rctruck Apr 22, 10:28 PM

Thanks for the lesson. The more of these I watch, hopefully, I will learn to get out.

1SuperMario8 Apr 22, 11:13 PM

Number one rule cut losses quickly!

adamstricker Apr 23, 1:52 AM

Sykes, thank you for the explanation. I get the in and out method, cutting your losses; but I'm having some difficulty with the verbiage/jargon. Do you have a video you can guide me to off the top of your head that provides the basics. Sorry man, I am a newbie starting at 1,500. Thanks! Adam Stricker

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$1,830 profit VTNR Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative chart breakout play, up on strong volume, new 52-week high, needs to break above 8.15ish for bigtime breakout ideally to the mid 8s as it likes to gap up 30-40 cents/share, risk of double top though so be careful

Exit comments: Not closing strong at all, basically flat trade, not risking a perfect double top like MOBI a few weeks ago...potential rebuy ONLY when it breaks above 8.10-8.15 resistance, not when it fails to break out and comes down minute by minute like this

Moneysurfer Apr 22, 4:50 PM

Bought @ 8.04 just before close and also just before the sell off profit-takers. Now unhappily holding overnight. Do you think I should sell @ the open or see if it comes back up tomorrow?

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Shadecase Apr 22, 7:42 PM

Great trade Tim. I understand everything.

Ufu Apr 22, 9:09 PM

Thank you!

Burks Apr 22, 11:07 PM

Great info, especially in video 2- very easy to get caught up in pulling the trigger on b/o or b/d trades without pre-planning or having your risk/reward mapped out. Thanks Tim.

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jsatary Apr 22, 12:36 PM

Great call on this one. I'll be in on the next one big time.

adamstricker Apr 22, 2:01 PM

@LunatC what is their price per trade. I may need to look at getting away from Etrade Pro. I like their platform but not finding what I need! Any ideas-Adam

Sagg0001 Apr 22, 6:19 PM

How do i come across a company like ARTX?

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DRAM70 Apr 22, 7:12 AM

It is Tuesday morning and the SA article is out there...pretty negative...nice call...it will be interesting to see the reaction...I would expect that it will go south. Congrats on a great call Tim.

Imi75 Apr 22, 12:40 PM

No sound

RARA_BATINGO Apr 22, 12:45 PM

The power of Seeking ALpha is amazing. What's more amazing is that you called it perfectly. Could have been an irrelevant article but you proved it was a great risk to reward. Looking forward to seeing how long you waited to cover. Thanks Tim.

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$15,945 profit ARTX Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorted some as chatrooms saying Seeking Alpha expose coming tomorrow, risky though given the sector bounce today, expose apparently has CEO comments saying they won't do batteries for electric cars, small position since this is speculative, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share

Exit comments: Locked in HUGE PROFIT, video lesson coming

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Christopher613 Apr 21, 5:15 PM

Stop making assumptions ! Your. Boy Grittani says. Sure. Trade. Isn't taking shorts consistently - plus they make you agree I am not a USA citizen which I am - 10 commandments not suggestions - so i am asking a question, not out of laziness but out of honesty I took your challenge - I have 13 k I am trying 2 grow to support a non profit that's changing this world ! Www.cdministriesinc.org People that help me get blessed by the. Chief ! "I am "

timothysykes Apr 21, 5:31 PM

@Christopher613 fact is I named 2 brokers that had shares to short of ARTX in the video lesson which u didnt watch, SureTrader had MDBX shorts the other day before a $6/share collapse, gotta learn the rules/patterns better

Christopher613 Apr 21, 11:02 PM

Ok today I opened interactive broker account for 11k - you said "high net worth broker " also shorts ARTX - can't find this firm anywhere

Christopher613 Apr 22, 4:13 AM

Got so. many emails coming in I missed that one -

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