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NetNinja Apr 18, 9:53 PM

Love the place. Thanks for the motivation

farzaam3 Apr 18, 11:16 PM

I've been studying all of your dvds but I'm lost at one thing. This is a stupid question but exactly how to find stocks to buy. How and where can i research possible pump and dumps. Please direct me to a specific video lesson or dvd. So far i've understood the process of buying/trading to make a profit.

skytek Apr 19, 2:10 PM

Boo-Yah!! Nice video Tim! I'm studying my ass off with your lessons...Priceless!!

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BMW0223 Apr 17, 8:31 PM

Tim excellent work! Patience is the key I am finding and learning to wait for that setup to make a plan. I have stop letting others suck me into trades unless I know the ticker and have a idea of the support and resistance to make a informed decision. Keep up the great work and your videos are so helpful and grounding for the DIYT (Do It Yourself Trading) community.

Bmoney03 Apr 17, 9:25 PM

Words from a wise man

CBrandonL Apr 18, 5:00 AM

So glad you have been mentioning the Framework DVD more in the past few vids. It is my favorite DVD and I reference it often when checking charts in my scans and more often than not they follow the pattern very accurately.

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I'm sitting courtside at the Knicks game tonight w/ Spike Lee, watch the game and get some pics of Spike & I on TV...best pic wins a prize!

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cctebo18 Apr 17, 5:52 PM

How did tim know that the bottom on SPLI was ~.06 and not .12, because .12 kinda looked like a bottom

NetNinja Apr 18, 12:12 AM

Thanks for the lessons Tim. The more I listen to your videos the more it starts making more sense. Things take time to learn and even though you may not understand the gist of things you start training your eyes and start putting 2 and 2 together.

millistatus Apr 19, 7:25 AM

Great Call Tim, Keep Up the amazing work!!

oops47 Apr 19, 8:08 PM

a lot of good things to consider. Good lesson.

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