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come77077 May 24, 8:53 PM

Thanks Tim.... really cool of you!!

svai May 24, 9:07 PM

Thank you so much Tim for sharing ! Could you check the audio and reload it for future reference ? Thanks !

igorpaliy May 24, 9:24 PM

sorry couldnt watch it cause audio is messed up.. or is just me?

Elisinger May 24, 11:25 PM

Thanks SO much for the videos, and for sharing your thoughts about goals, and achieving them. VERY inspiring!!!

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New 2.5 hour free live trading webinar posted http://tim.ly/timweb3 let's see who's willing to study on the weekend to be my next millionaire http://tim.ly/sykesmc show me your dedication level! This is a great LIVE TRADING webinar whee I nailed the NES breakout and missed on the AMCN attempted breakout (although AMCN did spike nicely the next day so I was on the right track)

jose_ga98 May 24, 3:07 AM

Oh man. I promise to myself to become the best. I want to become independent and I want to become a millionaire too.

gilbertgrand May 24, 8:57 AM

Thanks for the gift ! I find most difficult to make good plans each night. I mean, accurate.But with your framework it will be possible to not make crappy plans as mine.

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Remember you don't NEED to trade, don't force anything if there's nothing great, I know it's tough to sit on your hands, but its better than unnecessary losses

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markus_uebel May 22, 2:56 PM

i am absolutely scared of short selling. i watched a video, where you told not no risk too much, where you told about tim grattani loosing 200k on one trade. i will change my account to cash account, no margin. thank you for your videos.

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