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1STicker Jul 29, 1:12 PM

Thanks! I got in on EVOK at 3.18 and out at 3.23 with just 500 shares as the price action was not persuading me. I felt glade after it dropped down to the 2.80s into the market close, and its poor rise into the close. But the morning spike today pissed me a bit off (would, could, should have), but still, I can proudly say that I am in good control of not only cutting losses quickly but also to get out of POTENTIAL losses by watching level 2! I see it as great progress! Cheers

Cprgee Jul 29, 2:19 PM

Thanks kindly.

0010ALogistic Jul 29, 2:44 PM

The idea look very similar one of my blog wild ago, is nice that tim is developing, Can You Give Extra Bonus who collaborate for idea that can help your business thanks. .

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