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Drinkman Jul 31, 3:38 PM

awesome lesson TIM, thank you for being descriptive and patient with all of us, I really appreciate your commitment and dedication, I am looking forward to becoming your challenge student soon.

PeeOn Jul 31, 8:28 PM

Shorted GLUU: $1+ per share! Always taking out the trash. Schwing!!

Romio18 Jul 31, 11:14 PM

Congrats Tim!!!!

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$646 profit ZLTQ Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this earnings winner, goal is to make 50 cents/share

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but not as much as I wanted, this is an ugly market where earnings winners don't run like they have in the past, potential re-buy later on, but playing it safe for now

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$3,047 profit WATT Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorting overnight on this nearly $1/share spike, but noticeably hanging just below former support in the 11.75-11.80 range, as this expose reaches more people overnight it should spread, goal is to cover in the high 10s or even mid to low 10s if we get a big morning panic tomorrow

Exit comments: Got a decent gap down, but not enough volume to crack through support at 10.80-11, possibly because Seeking Alpha article no longer show up on Yahoo Finance, still a GREAT gain

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$2,066 profit WATT Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorting based on this expose http://tim.ly/1oLT2Me saying the stock is worthless, it's a good one and should scare longs/embolden shorts like it is me. Almost a #6 pattern from my 7 step PennyStocking Framework DVD, if it takes out support at 11.80ish, watch out, goal is the low 11s or even high 10s given this expose/failing chart pattern, I shorted via IB, shorting a bit early in fear of IB running out of shares to short/annoying SSR in place

Exit comments: I didnt think it would crack support so easily, covered for solid but wussy profits, now 11.45 congrats to those still short grrrrr forgot how good I was at shorting, it's been a while! Probly will look to reshort into the market close for a probable morning panic tomorrow, congrats guys!

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Kurdman Jul 30, 3:25 PM

WATT a profit!! Thanks Tim - second time that I have traded alongside you move for move - like having a NBA All Star on your team and all you have to do is show up!!!

KeithClean Jul 30, 4:28 PM

It's better to be self sufficient.

KeithClean Jul 30, 4:29 PM

Proud I spotted WATT before Tim did. Studying the video lessons, dvds and each and every single closed trade and commentary are paying off.

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1Drinkman Jul 30, 2:31 PM

very well done lesson, @timothysykes really like how you lay out your way of thinking! please continue to explain how you think in this detail, I think it makes a huge difference in understanding. I've been watching your videos for four months now, and something just clicked in my head last few weeks. Like a switch got turned on!!!! I see things I did not see before and began thinking about potential trades differently. It took me four months, suddenly I see the difference in my thinking. Tks

iamadam Jul 30, 8:53 PM

ZTLQ got me twice today. Watching video to learn how to avoid.

bdetweiler Jul 30, 10:06 PM

Your advice on GLUU sounds even more sage after the earnings win/fail. Sorry longs. I also played ZLTQ on a triangle pattern, and when it failed to breakout, I got out for even money. Not a great day, but not a bad day either!

IamGaryHill Jul 31, 11:29 AM

Thanks Tim! Can you please provide a swipe or a next feature for your videos?

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$335 profit ZLTQ Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this earnings winner on a dip off its highs at 22.20, this should keep going, support at 21.50, goal is tr yo hold given small position and try to make $1-2/share, let's see if I can be patient

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz got a little breakout past 22.10 for a minute but ever since it's just been fading, disappointing, but this stock is up 30% already today and the market is slightly down, will probly re-buy in the late afternoon, but this could still dip big intraday given its inability to make new highs/hang just below resistance at 22 ie not worth the risk

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