$160 profit ECRY Short Stock

Entry comments: found some shares to short at IB, NEVER FORGET TO LOOK...this pump is bouncing nicely, with my truly small position, I can hold for a little while, goal is to make 15-30% on my $, nothing huge at all, but good lesson for you guys since this is a good odds setup shorting into a dead pump bounce, like finding free $ on the sidewalk

Exit comments: no big breakdown like I expected, gotta play these low priced stocks safely or else they can really spike against you, goal is to short into even bigger spike

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ThePennyStalker Nov 27, 11:08 PM

First thing I'm going to do in my new white GTS is post a video on YouTube of me making my first TimChallenge trade on my new laptop. Believe it! Just got my account opened with Tim's High Net Worth Broker. #dedicated #timchallenge #timfan

littlemoney Nov 28, 8:58 AM

Tim, There is always a reward in all hard-work and sacrifices you make on a daily basis, " millionaire students" AS You have stated on several occasions you have become overwhelmed .so you must be patient and stay strong in all circumstances. I thank you for your mentor ship.

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ThePennyStalker Nov 27, 10:25 PM

Holy crap Tim you are a Saint!! I'm thankful for having such a generous teacher. Just got a Facebook account so I could win your white GTS contest. #challengestudent #proudstudent #timismyhero

ShortSqueeze Nov 28, 2:00 AM

Happy Thanks Giving to you and your family Timothy. Also thank you for the sale!! Great deals.

stewlv Nov 28, 12:09 PM

Great lesson Tim as always.....been using BDR products daily since 1998.

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