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PeeOn Dec 18, 9:27 PM

Brother Tim, I don't understand homey's comment re "large caps." I mean unless you're an investor, large caps generally do you no good because of LACK of liquidity. We're TRADERS, NOT investors. So homey is talking Apples/Oranges w/ the large cap nonsense.

PeeOn Dec 18, 9:31 PM

Homey would REALLY hate my strategy: I SHORT overvalued/garbage stocks @ or above the 1 year high. If that shit has liquidity, is overvalued and is @ 1 year highs, it's getting shorted down to Hell. Yes, a very complicated strategy. LOL! Guess I really am a pussy!

zotts Dec 18, 9:44 PM

Haters have no CLUE....embrace your fears and learn from them

1karimmil Dec 18, 10:48 PM

"I dont want to be a real man" LOL

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$20 profit SHERF Long Stock

Entry comments: Small speculative position on this new Cuba, good Seeking Alpha article today http://tim.ly/1C5GILu might have legs like CUBA has, but not a volatile/liquid stock so don't chase it if t spikes a ton and keep positions small

Exit comments: Out for basically breakeven, entire Cuba sector led by $CUBA is downtrending gradually I'm not waiting around for all these cmpanies to go red on the day...my initial instincts to short the $CUBA hype was right, good lesson for me

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1ProfBongwater Dec 18, 1:06 PM

I prefer to lurk and read as opposed to opening my mouth but this I have to say. Everything in this video is gold, pure gold. But I gotta tell ya Boss the platinum is the stuff you say in between the important points you're trying to make. Maybe it's because I tried this years ago and had a million questions I couldn't get answered. I don't know, I just hope the other newbies are catching this. It's beautiful how you explain stuff you're not even trying to explain. Beautiful!

jerry007 Dec 18, 4:28 PM

MEDA = 94 total emails since 12/10/2104

NS786 Dec 18, 6:07 PM

Interesting lesson, thank you Tim. I do get frozen with some of the speculative trades and sometimes just watch instead of trading!

RevivalX Dec 18, 7:15 PM

Great analysis thanks Tim.

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$1,383 profit CUBA Short Stock

Entry comments: Goal is to cover into morning panic, ideally high 8s

Exit comments: Got the crack of the day low, but big buyers at 8.95, I'm probly playing too safe, but it'll be easier to short in the afternoon, already down to 8.91 as I type this, good pattern to short

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Please watch/DVR tonight's Miami Heat game 7:30pm, I'll be courtside with a very special 14-year-old whose wish it was to attend Heat games...we should be up on the Jumbotron too, the 1st wish of many I'll be sponsoring with Make-A-Wish, thanks to all the pre-sales on http://howtomakemillions.com (which is 70% off for the next few days only!)

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$611 profit HGSH Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy into panic on this earnings winner near support, goal is to make 20-40 cents

Exit comments: Hit my goals, puny position, good for http://tim.ly/sykesmc students to see it live

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boominc420 Dec 17, 10:17 AM

I'm following its been profitable for couple days now. Awesome

Danalhs05 Dec 17, 12:36 PM

I just started. I'm super new to this. What's the first step?

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