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WGaraydds Jul 27, 11:34 AM

Hey Tim, just signed up. I believe this is so worth the investment.

555BK Jul 27, 11:52 AM

What the heck? I have been sending emails to admin@timothysykes.com since Mon z 21st and support@profitly.com :((( Tim, I know that you will deliver.

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Drinkman Jul 27, 12:52 AM

Very nice, Thank you for another lesson, see you in Vegas!

stewlv Jul 27, 3:17 PM

Great lesson Tim.......

Bmoney03 Jul 27, 6:36 PM

Tim thank you for making the best explanation of what is going through your mind and reason behind your trade! This is a 10/10 video IMO, covers almost all topics of trading in one video!

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$1,254 profit DTLK Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner at day low, tons of support in low 11s, now $1.30/share off its day high, great earnings/great conference call, reminds me of VDSI which didn't finish strong first day but then rose for several days after, goal is to sell for 40-70 cents/share profit next week

Exit comments: Hit my target, no overnight risk, thank you very much, GREAT to dip buy earnings winners, might still re-buy before the market close, but cant ignore 40 cents/share, if I was prepared I'd have had sell orders at 11.99 and made 50 cents/share since it just touched 12 too!

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1Your_Name Jul 25, 6:26 AM

@Kurdman I appreciate your "note to self" comments......it helps reiterate the main points in each of Tim's lessons which I find helpful...thanks

lifechngr Jul 25, 7:15 AM

Great lesson...as always!

puttabitt Jul 25, 9:24 AM

@Your_Name Tim's being saying that many times before in his earlier videos, if you've watched ALL of them by now.

tradeDawg Jul 26, 2:50 AM

I am just too chicken shit to short sale. Big take away for me in this video is how Ivan Bs profit plummeted on a bad trade.

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($405) loss VUZI Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this wearable play on HUGE news http://tim.ly/1peUPZj they're partnering with Lenovo to make Google Glasses-like product for China, careful this runs fast, goal is to make 50 cents/share, careful

Exit comments: Cursed stock, spikes then drops big, bigtimeeee bitter sellers, no thanks, potential rebuy later but not with this price action

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