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eheldman3 Aug 22, 8:35 PM

@Batmann yeah Suretrader didn't have any of these to short...sucks but that's what happens sometimes.

timothysykes Aug 22, 10:06 PM

@Batmann different brokers have different shorts, IB had APPG, deal with it, welcome to shorting penny stocks

SuperMario8 Aug 22, 10:29 PM

Hey Tim I always remember you saying to avoid being short on Fridays, because there is a high potential to get squeezed. I think VOIL was good example of that especially after on Thursday the stock was trending higher, with a higher low. VOIL will crash, I hope you bank on it next week.

The_Swede Aug 23, 1:39 AM

Thank you for the videos .. good as every other video

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Ozarian Aug 22, 9:42 PM

I just became Tim's student and I am learning a lot. Still haven't started trading yet, because I am studying the strategies and materials as well as the patterns of the alerted $s. So far, very impressed and confident. Hope to start trading in a week or so in September. Look out for @Ozarian.

eheldman3 Aug 22, 9:47 PM

@Ozarian welcome aboard. I just started this week, also watched and read a lot, you are right to study first. Knowledge is power in this case, don't rush into it.

adamthefirst Aug 23, 1:06 AM

@ozarian @eheldman3 hi guys how long did you have to wait after applying to be Tims student? To be accepted? I am living out in Dubai and have applied a few weeks ago. Thanks and congrats.

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kunasawa Aug 21, 7:42 PM

Tim I was following both your VOIL and APPG trades while travelling these past few days. Not having the dedicated time to trade while travelling, I just observed the chat room and trader sentiment. Thank you for providing your rationale for the trades.

SuperMario8 Aug 21, 11:43 PM

@tanu1980 From what I've seen most traders wait until the market open and see the price action, you never know what is really pushing the stock. If its a earnings winner or a contract winner be prepare to buy the stock in anticipation of a multi-month or technical breakout. Thats what I will do.

sayala Aug 21, 11:54 PM

Lot to take in with this watchlist, but lots of potential. Thanks Tim.

tanu1980 Aug 21, 11:56 PM

Hi SuperMario8, Thanks a lot for the reply :), I truly appreciate your help. I will watch Tim's videos again and again so I get familiar with the graphs and patterns he advised us to follow.

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klar1030 Aug 21, 12:14 AM

Tim great call today, beautiful view...

L1MITL3SS Aug 21, 1:18 AM

For some reason this one video just hit me like a ton of bricks! I get it now! Finally!

tradeDawg Aug 21, 1:46 AM

Your a wonderful teacher. Always A+ lessons Tim, ALWAYS. Thanks a $million$.

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($7,405) loss VOIL Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorting this blatant pump w.my high net worth broker, email admin@timothysykes.com for intro if you have $30k minimum, goal is to make 30-50% on this one

Exit comments: Buyin notice from my high net worth broker grrrrr, nasty loss after fees, but that's the risk you take...I'd do it again since big collapse was possible, losing 10 cents/share is worst case scenario...will look to reshort next week, one of these days it'll drop APPG-style, 30-40-50 cents/share in one day

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$3,213 profit HPJ Long Stock

Entry comments: Wond contract to have rechargeable batteries in new TIMEX smartwatch, should start rumormill with iWatch & other wearable watches coming out, nice multi-month breakout over 5.30, goal is to make 30-60 cents/share, be careful it might be fast

Exit comments: Woooooo what a rush, buying a contract winner on a dip just above technical support in the 5.30s then selling into a morning spike, easiest trade in months, just had to watch premarket winners & look at the multi-month chart, will do video lesson, congrats to all those who got it, it's still running now into the 5.70s woooohoooo

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