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RavT Apr 20, 10:09 AM

AHII crash was actually caused by SA, PennyStockRealist's article. I was there buying bounces because I couldn't find shares to short. It tanked to 0.70 on the 1st day of the dump, the promoter attempted to hold it with 100k + bid but got taken out and the stock cracked 0.70. Then we had morning panic to 0.56 where he probably said f it and went big with 500k+ bid. Michael Goode tweeted earlier about AHII getting "cease trade order" in Canada on April 17th. CNTO 2.0 ALFSS!

ronn Apr 20, 10:47 AM


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BeachLife Apr 20, 1:37 AM

Great Video. I will keep it in my saved mail to watch it again. Thanks.

pennypunchup Apr 20, 7:20 AM

I've seen this video at least 5 times. I take away something new each time.Stay wealthy my friends.

oops47 Apr 20, 12:54 PM

Great webinar. Thank you Tim's

biglou80 Apr 20, 5:38 PM

what a great video... gave me tons of confidence....

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farzaam3 Apr 18, 11:16 PM

I've been studying all of your dvds but I'm lost at one thing. This is a stupid question but exactly how to find stocks to buy. How and where can i research possible pump and dumps. Please direct me to a specific video lesson or dvd. So far i've understood the process of buying/trading to make a profit.

skytek Apr 19, 2:10 PM

Boo-Yah!! Nice video Tim! I'm studying my ass off with your lessons...Priceless!!

oops47 Apr 20, 11:20 AM

Impressive and motivational.

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Bmoney03 Apr 17, 9:25 PM

Words from a wise man

CBrandonL Apr 18, 5:00 AM

So glad you have been mentioning the Framework DVD more in the past few vids. It is my favorite DVD and I reference it often when checking charts in my scans and more often than not they follow the pattern very accurately.

Ufu Apr 20, 1:56 AM

Thank you, great lesson!

oops47 Apr 20, 10:25 AM

Learn the patterns, good advice Tim.

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I'm sitting courtside at the Knicks game tonight w/ Spike Lee, watch the game and get some pics of Spike & I on TV...best pic wins a prize!

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