I'm sitting courtside at the Knicks game tonight w/ Spike Lee, watch the game and get some pics of Spike & I on TV...best pic wins a prize!

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ShayneL Apr 16, 4:45 PM

My own rules said not to trade subpenny stocks. This video ALMOST makes me regret it. Almost.

PeeOn Apr 16, 5:05 PM

ShayneL: I was the same way when I first stopped being an investor and started being a trader. But I followed Master Tim's rules, especially 1 & 2, and adopted a short-sell strategy to many of the dumps. If you study hard and keep losses tight there is no reason why you can't make money on this side of the market, also. Good luck!

jasonlui Apr 16, 8:56 PM

Insightful post thanks Tim

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$13,716 profit SPLI Long Stock

Entry comments: WAY off of its #wolfpack pumped up highs of 40 cents, nice afternoon breakout above mid-day resistance at .064, technical support at .05 so I'm risking a penny or so, upside is 10 cents/share so nice potential gain if I'm right that tomorrow is bounce day, othr weed stocks like ERBB have gone green, VERY small position $-wise though for me since this is speculative, learn my 7-step http://tim.ly/ts7steps rules, possible #5 pattern

Exit comments: Got a nearly 50% winner from my buy alert basically just holding overnight, PERFECT gap up play, maybe it goes more, but I'm happy with my profits, congrats to everyone, be sure to lock in profits though, great video lesson coming

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SimonasPoska Apr 16, 6:52 AM

Part Deux or Textbook Trading, but I would buy both, because both of them are really helpful and worth every penny :)

PeeOn Apr 16, 10:09 AM

Couldn't make entry anywhere near a reasonable price on long. Shorted @ .1037. Goal to cover around .6.

razman Apr 16, 10:15 AM

Damn sold too early. Missed another 15%

Moneypig Apr 16, 10:19 AM

By the description, Textbook Trading sounds like the most comprehensive pennystock guide for a newbie, on the other hand, I have seen numerous references to Part Deux so........thinking......

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$1,220 profit VIMC Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this earnings winner near technical support in the 2.80s, down from 4.2 just 4 days ago and 5+ two weeks ago, all I want to do is make 10-20% on the bounce, I hope it drops some more, but I can't resist taking advantage of these prices with earnings coming in a few weeks (they simply raised guidance before)

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but not much more, still can't go green on the day so I'm taking safe profits...remember my dip buys on GOGO, EKSO, YOD, BV -- gotta get out when it doesn't do EXACTLY what u expect...play safe in this market

geedee01 Apr 15, 12:04 PM

By the the time, I got your alert it is already at 3.12

PeeOn Apr 15, 2:37 PM

When I the alert went out, it was @ 3.12 so I passed. BUT, thanks for the heads-up on WAVX, Master Tim. I'm shorting and you know what's gonna happen LOL!

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$2,270 profit NEON Long Stock

Entry comments: Risking a bit that this Seeking Alpha NEON story about being in HP printers and Apple's new car system will spike this to the mid 5s http://tim.ly/1gASHIh all I want to do is make 40-50 cents/share, limited risk, but def speculative, be careful

Exit comments: Got a spike to the 5.20s, now 5.15 but not much more, tons of sellers everywhere...probly played it too safe, decent trade for a speculative buy, tough stock, tougher market, play safe

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Dickey Apr 15, 9:43 AM

Great call, good risk and reward!

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