[TimAlerts] When I get back into trading I'm not only going to buy stocks that have good news and volume for now on I'm not going to buy stocks like OGEN like Tim did with no news just the chart , I got burned on $FREE I was playing it a while back for a technical play with no news and I got burned


[TimAlerts] lost $100 yesterday chased $NYMX twice at 3.03 cut losses at 2.93 both times thought it could break to new highs since it traded it's float


[TimAlerts] $MNOV will be interesting, I'll be watching from the sidelines because I don't know what the hell to think after the day it had today


[TimAlerts] $OGXI finished strong and on strong volume... I had a limit order @ $3.62 in case it broke out. Closed at $3.60 so it didn't get executed and got up to $3.77 a/h. It will probably gap up tomorrow imo

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