[TimAlerts] Im in Brazil, 2:30AM here atm....lol....$AAPL is not un volatile. Its just high priced. Look what it did 2 weeks ago....look what happened to it last friday...


[TimAlerts] $AAPL will not be around much longer in my opinion. If people actually buy this iphone 7 with the removal of the head phone jack, then I will have lost all hope for humanity and invest long term.

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[TimAlerts] If you want to trade options like you trade stocks, you need liquidity...you need stocks with options that trade a high volume during the day....like $AAPL


[TimAlerts] my watch list : $AEHR- tech break out, 9m float $APT- tech break, 52wh, 13m float CTRL-swing, new 52wh, 20m float, positive growth over the years.

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