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PeeOn Apr 23, 11:22 AM

When my account goes from "pee-on" status to "big balla" status.....

RARA_BATINGO Apr 23, 11:29 AM

Just want to say thanks for explaining the technicals behind your "BUY". The earnings, sector, resistance and your goals help put it all into perspective faster than just a BUY notice. Thanks

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1SuperMario8 Apr 22, 11:13 PM

Number one rule cut losses quickly!

adamstricker Apr 23, 1:52 AM

Sykes, thank you for the explanation. I get the in and out method, cutting your losses; but I'm having some difficulty with the verbiage/jargon. Do you have a video you can guide me to off the top of your head that provides the basics. Sorry man, I am a newbie starting at 1,500. Thanks! Adam Stricker

bstephens Apr 23, 9:44 AM

Good lesson on VTNR, getting out when it doesn't do what you expect. Thanks. I jumped in and then jumped out, taking a small loss, but worth the lesson. VTNR down much bigger already this morning.

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$1,830 profit VTNR Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative chart breakout play, up on strong volume, new 52-week high, needs to break above 8.15ish for bigtime breakout ideally to the mid 8s as it likes to gap up 30-40 cents/share, risk of double top though so be careful

Exit comments: Not closing strong at all, basically flat trade, not risking a perfect double top like MOBI a few weeks ago...potential rebuy ONLY when it breaks above 8.10-8.15 resistance, not when it fails to break out and comes down minute by minute like this

Moneysurfer Apr 22, 4:50 PM

Bought @ 8.04 just before close and also just before the sell off profit-takers. Now unhappily holding overnight. Do you think I should sell @ the open or see if it comes back up tomorrow?

RARA_BATINGO Apr 23, 11:17 AM

I know you don't SHORT earnings winners, but do you consider shorting UPGRADES?

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Shadecase Apr 22, 7:42 PM

Great trade Tim. I understand everything.

Ufu Apr 22, 9:09 PM

Thank you!

Burks Apr 22, 11:07 PM

Great info, especially in video 2- very easy to get caught up in pulling the trigger on b/o or b/d trades without pre-planning or having your risk/reward mapped out. Thanks Tim.

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jsatary Apr 22, 12:36 PM

Great call on this one. I'll be in on the next one big time.

adamstricker Apr 22, 2:01 PM

@LunatC what is their price per trade. I may need to look at getting away from Etrade Pro. I like their platform but not finding what I need! Any ideas-Adam

Sagg0001 Apr 22, 6:19 PM

How do i come across a company like ARTX?

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