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Karami May 29, 2:18 PM

Watched it from start to the end. Thank you!

1Thebadguy May 29, 4:41 PM

Don't short companies up on good news, only shitty pump and dumps. Watch out for Friday short squeezes. And always cut losses quickly. Great lessons. I need to focus on patience and learning not to trade when the setups aren't there. No forcing trades!!

ottitrades May 29, 4:57 PM

wow, I really need to get into the challenge program, this looks like the real deal

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[TimAlerts] Any thoughts on VSLR and $PSDV? VSLR was up 42% to 3.74 on Friday after Deutsches Bank upgraded them from "Hold" to "Buy". Volume was about 20M. $PSDV suddenly went up on Friday by 24%. Last news was Financials on May 13, when it began a slow rise from 2.75 on the 13th to 3.10 on the 26th. Then, on Friday it went to 3.86, breaking through the high of 3.72 on Jan 26. Volume was about 356K.


[TimAlerts] uhh Minerva neurosciences ( NERV ) is literally across the river from where I work. I wanna go kick their doors in bc im losing money on them. lmao

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[TimAlerts] anyone out there have thoughts on $CBR I ve been watching it this past week and its up about 10 cents a dayeach day this week after bottoming out from 2.40 to .90 and now at about 1.24 ??

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