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555BK Jul 27, 11:52 AM

What the heck? I have been sending emails to admin@timothysykes.com since Mon z 21st and support@profitly.com :((( Tim, I know that you will deliver.

tradeDawg Jul 28, 1:05 AM

Thanks Tim for the generous discount!

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Bmoney03 Jul 27, 6:36 PM

Tim thank you for making the best explanation of what is going through your mind and reason behind your trade! This is a 10/10 video IMO, covers almost all topics of trading in one video!

joei3316 Jul 28, 2:36 AM

"People who bought it at higher price would sell it to breakeven, but the news is good, thus, the intra-day range" Great stuff, I would not have figured this out myself. Thx

Lorodz Jul 28, 5:19 AM

whoah! well explained and obviously an insight only available to an experienced trader. Thanks Tim for sharing. Keep em coming!

lifechngr Jul 28, 8:03 AM

It seems like your explanations get more and more detailed and continue helping me understand the why's of trading and more specifically entry/exit points. I appreciate your detailed explanation of your thought process from beginning to end!

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