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555BK Jul 23, 10:31 PM

Thanks for what you are doing for us, Sykes. Those financial channel pundits love to try and rip judgements on the penny traders, but you are really teaching us to make $. Maybe Sosnoff would open up a broker wing with think or swim when we students of yours bank 600 mil-what he sold it for. LOL Cant wait to meet you in Vegas

ASTANCOV Jul 23, 11:21 PM

@PatrickBateman47 don't want to start a debate here but... nope you can't open a margin account unless you have 25k. Its for the same PDT rule that TDameritrade has the same amount as limit. Anyway, this was not the subject so it doesn't matter that much... I guess...

Keter Jul 23, 11:45 PM

Nice video, thanks for sharing Tim = )

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SuperMario8 Jul 23, 9:04 AM

Well said Tim. I think now we have an overall view of stocks are in play.

bgarrett Jul 23, 9:49 AM

Tim ur watchlists are amazing, thank u my friend for all u do for me/us.

Drakeo1206 Jul 23, 10:40 AM

Thanks for all the good advice Tim. Amazing teacher!!

littlemoney Jul 23, 11:14 AM

Tim, Thank you for the dedication and your mentorship you show to all your students on a daily basis.

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ShayneL Jul 22, 8:54 PM

What I got from this lesson, was watch the reaction to a bearish close (NETE) and anticipate buying a strong bull close. Can anyone else let me know if I missed anything?

tradeDawg Jul 23, 2:01 AM

@ShayneL Don't know where the hell you got that; Tim is surprised it goes bullish after closing bearish. I aint that experienced but every stock I have watched continues the trend of its close; unless it gaps, which is a whole other dynamic to me as I learn.

tradeDawg Jul 23, 2:08 AM

Every video is an invaluable lesson....thanks Sir Tim. Trading stocks is "a hard way to make easy money" however every lesson you give improves a traders knowledge and ability to profit. Thanks a $million$.....

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