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epete Sep 01, 7:02 PM

enjoyed listening to your psychology behind the plan for the play

lifechngr Sep 01, 11:38 PM

Extremely informative!! See you in chat in a few hours!

Lightningtrader Sep 02, 12:08 AM

Tim, this was on awesome video on how to trade an Earnings Winner !

littlemoney Sep 02, 7:29 AM

Tim, Thank you for another great lesson and more importantly thank you for your mentor ship

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juanaflores Sep 01, 2:43 PM

Very good information thank you tim.

dougnell Sep 01, 3:53 PM

Hello Timothy, Once again thank you for all your time and effort. Finished harvesting, so now I can concentrate on studying again. Very excited!!

epete Sep 01, 6:31 PM

What did I like About this lesson ? Thanks for explaining how to think about a sector and individual stocks within a sector and the research that went into it. epete

littlemoney Sep 02, 7:03 AM

Tim, Thank you for your continued hard work for all your "dedicated" students. How is it possible with all the hard work and dedication you put in on a daily basis you could not be dedicated..Shame on those who don't recognize this.I thank you for your mentor ship

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santana Aug 31, 10:01 AM

Learning to deal with losses and cutting them quickly is the hardest lesson. Thanks for continually hammering that

msansing Aug 31, 3:33 PM

Great lesson for me right now. I am going to try to be less afraid on my entries on breakouts and breakdowns because I know worst case scenario following rule #1 is just a few hundred dollars.

jzapata2655 Aug 31, 9:36 PM

cutting losses quickly id the key , good video

littlemoney Sep 02, 7:39 AM

Tim, I have learned rule #1 cutting losses quickly the hard way and after being dope slapped by you..I don't think I will be making the same mistake anytime soon..

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555BK Aug 29, 4:21 PM

Cutting losses like Galileo dropped the orange. lol ;) Thanks-have relaxing weekend Ubersnaps Sykes -you deserve it ;)

1littlemoney Aug 29, 8:10 PM

Tim, Thank you so very much.. I followed your advise to the tee on $ISNS has 500 shares @ 3.97 seeing I was traveling and on a plane I traded premarket and got out 3.51.. I had my first 3 figure day and I thank you .You are blessed with the gift of teaching and trading penny stocks and I feel so fortunate to have become a student. I thank you for your mentor ship.

PeeOn Aug 29, 8:28 PM

I'm detecting ANOTHER beautiful short about to step-off!

tradeDawg Sep 02, 2:16 AM

damn I love it; "don't let being wrong turn into a disaster"; great pearls of wisdom

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($3,712) loss TUBE Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought 15000 shares TUBE at 14.29 - Missed TUBE breakout at 14 up to 14.70 now buying on dip, usually you get 2 chances at least before any big runup, goal is to make a quick 30-50 cents/share

Exit comments: Not bouncing the way I thought it would, still above 14 which is key, sellers becoming more entrenched, cutting losses, stinks but don't let a failed trade turn into an investment and I have a big meeting to go to right now...this is probly fine longterm, but that's not why I got into this so I have to stay disciplined

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$929 profit ISNS Short Stock

Entry comments: After nice morning spike this is struggling to hold its gains, VII still red on the day, could still have delayed morning panic

Exit comments: Not going red on the day, looks like some shorts still trapped from 3.60s so they're trying to cover, DGLY could still spike, not worth annoyance to chase 10-20 cents/share, taking safe profits, video lesson coming

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