[TimAlerts] CANN chart is setting up real nicely for a break out, be sure to put that on your watchlist and shout me out if you bank$$


[TimAlerts] TFSA and cash account may have US and CDN$ in the same account


[TimAlerts] Big PR campaighn coming from MGTI to try to combat their recent bad events? They were the ones that spiked day after day in the summer on PR after PR, right?


[TimAlerts] It's not difficult to conceal your identity online.... all an attacker would need to do is use a series of proxy servers to disguise themselves.... there are even free proxies online....obviously, I'm not endorsing doing this... but my point is that it is hard for me to believe that $MGT/MGTI could come up with a solution to a multi-decade problem. My thought is if they couldn't do it years ago, what miraculous means do they have now that would solve this problem?

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