($1,183) loss LIVE Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this earnings winner/former spiker, goal is to sell in the high 4s or low 5s today or tomorrow morning, this can REALLY spike in the morning, as it proved today, so shorts should respect this earnings-based move, hopefully this sketchy company can issues an overnight PR too as they like to do when they're in short squeeze mode, I'm buying this 75 cents/share off its day highs so not much risk if I'm wrong

Exit comments: No overnight news, no morning spike/gap up so I'm playing it safe...whether or not I have a small gain or loss on trades like this if there is news/spiking it's such a home run, I'll do this again and again

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lifechngr Aug 13, 9:18 PM

One of your most informational videos...imho. I appreciate the details answering the "why" questions. Thank you!

lifechngr Aug 13, 9:20 PM

FYI.....It seems you still have microphone issues as almost every video I watch it sounds like listening to music through blown speakers....only happens on your videos afaik. Maybe it's just a AAPL thing :P

K1ng_John Aug 14, 12:57 AM

No, the audio is always painful to listen too. Superman, spend a bit of money a decent microphone please. Listen back to the audio here and see what we mean.

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$4,300 profit LIVE Long Stock

Entry comments: SWING / TRADE - revs up nicely in 10q..... personal stop loss 4 area and personal target 4.75-5 plus if it works

Exit comments: SUPER TRADE !!!! may go higher and will watch but super !!

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