[TimAlerts] $MY very strong today along with market + 8.5% , was beaten down a lot, so it help


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puttabitt Apr 10, 14 5:05 PM

@jassie78 If you have 10k, try Interactive brokers, their charts are good.

jassie78 Apr 10, 14 5:12 PM

@puttabitt Thanks for the advising interactive brokers. I only have £1000 that's about $1670 to invest I got no change then have I since I'm a newbie. God I'm so frustrated because I really want succeed and make this work and not fail.

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$4,340 profit MY Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner on afternoon consolidation 15 cents/share off its 3.10ish higher, goal is to sell at those highs or ideally if it can break it tomorrow morning in a spike like it had today, next resistance at 3.10-3.15 is 3.30ish so that's my ultimate goal, cheap play in hot alternative energy sector, not gonna be a huge winner, but only like 5-10 cents/share of risk if I'm wrong given the news & price action

Exit comments: Got a puny gap up/morning spike so I play it safe and get out, no0w 3.06 so I played it too safe, it might very well spike more but it might not, I want to teach you to be methodical with your trades, go into trades with a thesis, if it doesnt play out, get out and cut losses quickly....yesterday's big spike was RIGHT at the open so no go today I'm out...congrats to those who get it

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jassie78 Apr 08, 14 6:30 PM

@timothysykes HI Tim, I'm a new subscriber to Just read your comments about watching my videos on what i means to be an earning winner, stop being lazy. Where do I find this video? I did click on Premium\video lessons but can't find the above.

timothysykes Apr 08, 14 6:45 PM

@jassie78 theres dozens of videos tagged "earnings" go look on your newsletter dashboard and click the "earnings" tag

alepelo Apr 09, 14 8:58 AM

Tim, the positions you take are huge! 130.000 USD in one trade...

timothysykes Apr 09, 14 9:23 AM

@alepelo not relative to my account size, the way I've turned $500,000 into nearly $1 million in 3 months is the same strategy someone with $5k can use to turn into $10k

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Luke you are Awe & Sum, found MY from your posts, I took the ride for a great Swing trade. 25% BANG!

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Luke on: Dec 27, 13 8:42 PM

@Luke welcomes you to their trader wall!

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PeeOn Apr 25, 14 12:03 AM

Poorprae: The only way to "prove it" would be to examine his official account statement. If you don't believe it, don't follow his trades.

PeeOn Apr 25, 14 12:05 AM

WallStreet: The ratio of wins to losses is not as important as the size of the wins/losses.

1Joe_WallStreet Apr 25, 14 1:49 PM

@PeeOn Given that the sizes were about equal on average, I'd say those are good winning percentages.

PeeOn Apr 25, 14 2:02 PM

WallStreet: Indeed!

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