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lexram Mar 27, 9:05 PM

Talking about what you've been doing and how you've had more gains than losses is what we need to hear now and then. Showing that you're a real person and you can mess up but still win more than you lose is key to keeping me in the game.

c4river Apr 13, 2:01 AM

I have got to study, study, study.... more. When i see the trades made in this video and others, i cringe. I want to SOMEDAY be able to take a loss and it not hurt so bad, like a scratch. I always think "how much am i willing to lose?" To have more gains than losses. I barely trade because i am so afraid, i am a true ccccoward. I invest in my education to learn AS MUCH AS I CAN to have a strong foundation to grow on. And having the best teacher doesn't hurt either :) Someday will come.....

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