[TimChallenge] not sure how $TSRI jumped back up, noticed a buyer that put in for almost a $1 higher than asking...


[TimAlerts] Stay safe guys, as we saw with $TSRI , everything can happen. Cut losses quickly and get back in if the odds are more in your favor.


[TimChallenge] $TSRI earnings winner, low float 881K shares, it got up to 6.78 on Friday. looks very good


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TPbiz Aug 01, 8:06 PM

@timothysykes Hi Tim. New subscriber here. Just curious before I delve into the reading. If you send out an alert with two top picks should we buy both or narrow it down?

timothysykes Aug 01, 9:46 PM

@Mobilsport NEVER buy anyone else's picks or alert, the whole reason I even send out alerts is to help you understand my mindset when there's a potential trade...hence why I was DEAD ON with TOPS even though I personally didn't trade it due to my travel today, got it?

TPbiz Aug 01, 10:05 PM

Tim, I am an avid trader. I didn't subscribe to your alerts so I can use someone else's. That's funny though. FYI, I liked your episode on Below Deck. I recently was on a cruise and lost a couple grand because I couldn't over a short in time because of Internet connection. 32 cruises you would think I would learn.

Malin Aug 03, 12:25 PM

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