Still holding my position in $VVUS despite its disappointing perfomance today. I still believe it can make a move to the upside with the Icahn news considering almost half of the total float is short.

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[TimAlerts] $VVUS Vivus investors need to tread carefully with this situation. There is certainly a speculative play in anything Icahn touches, but in this case it is complicated by Icahn making a play on debt rather than making a play on the equity. Great advice.


[TimAlerts] Made a small profit on $PWE at the first of the week and gave it back to $VVUS today. Should have stayed in $PWE. Live and learn I suppose.


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2Ebogey Oct 08, 6:33 PM

Tim love the HTMM dvd and all the challenge dvd's But I really learn a bunch of extra nuances from these Video lessons. Both from you and Mark. Keep up the great work..

2ChamuEL1 Oct 08, 6:59 PM

Just signed on with you today. Have small account loaded and locked. Youre me and my families hope to earn my way into getting off the road as a truck driver and be able to stay at home and mske a great income and more..... Thankyou Rabbi(teacher) ! :)

Bam287 Oct 08, 8:17 PM

Thanks for another great lesson Tim!

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