Was Looking For A New LOD. Never Happened But Still Managed To Make A Few ¢ Profit. Alert: http://stks.co/q0ZUY

Posted: Jul 23, 4:04 PM//
NHYDYLong StockbyThrillho

Entry comments: NHYDY

Posted: Jul 23, 3:38 PM

RVLTLong Stockbyshabrams

Entry comments: holding support line from days high, will look for gap tomorrow if strength into close mental stop 2.38ish

Posted: Jul 23, 3:29 PM

Had to cut losses, almost seems like a P+D because of the dumped shares. Will probably wait for a bottom and re-enter

Posted: Jul 23, 3:48 PM

Entry comments: vol fading and price not bouncing

Exit comments: out as the set up may squeeze...will re-look tomorrow

Posted: Jul 23, 2:15 PM

Entry comments: Looking for b/o above res at $20.00

Exit comments: Held too long. Could have sold at 21.15. Sold because previous close is Evening Doji Star and today's close is looking like it will be a Gravestone Doji. Bothh bearish signs of reversal.

Posted: Jul 19, 5:05 PM


Posted: Jul 23, 2:49 PM

Entry comments: n/a

Exit comments: n/a

Posted: Jul 23, 11:34 AM
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