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Same patterns repeating themselves. Taking easy profits.

Posted: May 25, 8:35 AM/

OXGNLong Stockbyvince76

Entry comments: Intraday limit, it sucks... Maybe will be even, it was going up in the afternoon during all the day

Posted: May 24, 11:39 PM

Entry comments: .

Exit comments: Coup d'epee dans l'eau

Posted: May 23, 4:06 PM

Got in super late and got a super late profit. Such but I am learning about better execution.

Posted: May 24, 8:21 PM

Ustocktrade Should have not entered this trade since it was a descending triangle pattern I was hoping that it would almost have a triple top so i bought into the bounce but didnt work out

Posted: May 24, 8:12 PM/
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