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Garbage stock, bad merger

Posted: Jun 30, 2:33 PM

Actually had a little profit on this. I was busy helping a client in my normal business and missed this. No sweat.

Posted: Jun 30, 1:36 PM/

I have a whole string of stupid losses I'm posting. I started gambling. I only just started the HTMM dvd's. The week of Brexit didn't help me either. I just decided today to cut all my losses, recover my capital, and start making smarter trades.

Posted: Jun 30, 1:21 PM/

Entry comments: Tiny position on this stock thats holding strong after losing big yesterday. Hoping to see a breakout past .50. Just trying to pad my win stats at this point LOL.

Exit comments: Not sure if the breakout is going to happen. It's hitting .49 as I'm typing this but then falling back just under .48. Oh well. Lots of people are saying to stay far far away from this stock today as the company now appears completely worthless after their failed trial and 85% red candle in one day, so banking any sort of green here is good! Now back to riding the MGT rocketship!

Posted: Jun 30, 12:09 PM

Beaten down stock giving lot of signs of recovery. Drop from $3.3 down to $0.9 on bad news about late-stage study results. Bought it on the midday spike, lots of volumes and stock got halted. Also my STT crashed, was only with L2 while selling :) Anyway good trade.

Posted: Jun 30, 1:15 PM/

Being down emotionally, tried to make a come back just to see my strategy works or not. It worked and I licked my wounds. Shoulda short 400 but could not after yesterday losses. Trading is so emotional !

Posted: Jun 30, 11:27 AM/

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