Entry comments: Trying this one again.

Exit comments: Momentum of move fading. Shame that it couldn't get a move on.

Posted: Mar 04, 4:04 AM/

Entry comments: Target 1.5327

Exit comments: Failed breakdown.

Posted: Mar 04, 2:19 AM

Entry comments: Build long position on AUD. Targeting 0.7950 - 0.8000 area.

Exit comments: Not moving how i'd like. Close and wait for better setup.

Posted: Mar 03, 9:04 PM

missed the spike

Posted: Mar 04, 5:31 AM/

It didn't do quite what I wanted it to, but at least there was no loss.

Posted: Mar 03, 6:34 PM

This one worked well, watched the panic for a little bit, then decided to get out. Good thing, it bounced, and I hit the am bottom well.

Posted: Mar 04, 7:11 AM/

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