Entry comments: #FOREX Open new St position see http://www.fatbeetrader.com/trades/trade-thoughts-eurusd-sell-position-results-buy-idea for more information

Exit comments: #FOREX - Stopped out - Well that idea did not work at all. Incurred 8pt slippage

Posted: Mar 27, 3:09 AM/

Entry comments: #FOREX added new ST position right on the #edge of the existing condition as per blog update http://profit.ly/user/Fatbeetrader/blog/eurusd---on-the-esde-of-the-existing-condition

Exit comments: #FOREX +156.90 closed second layer of #edge trade as probability of bounce higher has skewed away from the short side see video lesson here http://www.fatbeetrader.com/trades/trade-thoughts-eurusd-sell-position-results-buy-idea

Posted: Mar 26, 6:32 AM/

Entry comments: #FOREX open new ST position 1/2 size see http://profit.ly/user/Fatbeetrader/blog/eurusd---on-the-esde-of-the-existing-condition for more info

Exit comments: #FOREX +62.7 Closed just prior to target as the potential for an upside push is too great, frankly I'm done with this trade see video lesson here http://www.fatbeetrader.com/trades/trade-thoughts-eurusd-sell-position-results-buy-idea

Posted: Mar 23, 8:44 PM// 1

Tried to short this on the break down to support.

Posted: Mar 27, 3:30 AM/

Entry comments: Bought this earnings winners into the market close, down nearly $1/share off its day highs, not much risk since its such a big dip, goal is to sell into gap up/morning spike or even afterhours spike, should be able to bounce 25-50 cents/share tonight or tomorrow given the positive news and support at 5.40-5.50ish...last time I bought this same stock on earnings it didn't bounce for a week though, but it still did bounce off its lows of 5

Exit comments: Sold into afterhours spiking, probly gonna keep going to the 5.70s or even 5.80s, but I'm on West Coast for the next few days so not worth a 5am wakeup call for something so speculative, got most of the bounce I wanted in under an hour of holding...probly playing it too safe, but thats just what I do, congrats to dip buyers

Posted: Mar 26, 3:45 PM/$

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Was looking for a decent bounce towards 4.23 but that didn't happen. Had a stop loss at 4.10 that executed.

Posted: Mar 27, 3:31 AM/

Nice afterhours gains on report

Posted: Mar 27, 4:01 AM/

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Posted: Mar 26, 8:05 PM

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