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CLNTLong StockbyDimuthu123

Entry comments: $CLNT holding

Posted: Jul 22, 8:25 PM

BLDPLong StockbyDimuthu123

Entry comments: $BLDP bought at 11:48 am holding, i,m doing with very small account (tim,s new student) thank you tim for your dvd,s and other video lessons.

Posted: Jul 22, 8:19 PM

28% Gain!! Traded this one twice and had nice gains.

Posted: Jul 23, 9:53 AM// 2

small loss. I cut quickly because it didn't do what I wanted. Perfect drop 1 min later. Cut Quick!!!

Posted: Jul 23, 2:48 PM/

Stupid move. I need to get better at executing. Cut losses quick

Posted: Jul 23, 3:14 PM/

6 min quick and easy $

Posted: Jul 23, 2:47 PM/

Nice gain here.

Posted: Jul 23, 2:50 PM/

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