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Entry comments: Was looking for an overnight hold to go long and but it didnt hold true to the line which i would expect as wall street gain interest in this stock and they are niw dumping shares and this creates an opportunity to short into there selling hence holding an overnight short as it crack the levels which brought it up to the 7s hence looking to cover into the $5s

Exit comments: Well it seems my wishes came earlier than expected and my goals have been met so i just took my profits near market close and ran home. No need for an over night short any more

Posted: Sep 27, 3:51 PM/ 4

Above 1.81 was a multi-month b/o. Next resistance on 1 yr chart is 1.96 which was goal. Unavailable to trade at mkt open tomorrow, so didn't want to hold o/n. When stock hit 1.86 with 4 min to close, took small profits. Could have made $20 more waiting 2 min, but didn't know that at the time. Risk was 1.76 and never actually dropped below 1.8 from time I bought. Happy with this trade, too, today!

Posted: Sep 27, 4:24 PM/

$6 profitRGSELong Stockbyeqiz

Entry comments: Was a dip buy off support range. Looking back was a dangerous risk

Exit comments: Very small profit, again was risky. Was buying it off a consolidation point expecting it to go up after a hard crack dip and it did work out

Posted: Sep 27, 3:49 PM

Because... I´m an IDIOT!! aff.... such an asshole!

Posted: Sep 27, 4:23 PM/

KTOVLong StockbyRunningWatters

Entry comments: Bought 750 shares of KTOV before the close on a nice dip. Held its gains all day and even uptrended a little. Failed to b/o. I think it will either head back towards highs or hold its gains into the close for a morning spike. Risk is 3.65/3.70. Low float bio in a hot market. RGSE nova could help this low float spike again. Horrible long term chart but has went semi nova. Doesnt usually hold its gains well but you never know with this market.

Posted: Sep 27, 3:48 PM

messed this up. missed the whole run up this morning and got in at 7.26 hoping for eod run up towards 8 started to but then got stuffed. i need to focus only on the patterns i lay out and not trade in the afternoon on stuff like this.

Posted: Sep 27, 3:44 PM

Entry comments: SHORT $FNSR purely on technicals. Stochastics and RSI are screaming, while volume is drying up. Hat tip @wtsiolis

Exit comments: Stopped out.

Posted: Sep 26, 1:14 PM

Good trade for me. CARA has been an afternoon mover after 1400 for 4 of the last 5 days. Bought at 8.45 just below triple top at 8.50. 8.59 was previous hod and that was the goal. Risk was 8.41 support level. Stock stayed between 8.43 and 8.51 for 1/2 hour. At the time I sold, there were 6K, 3k, and 2K sellers on level 2 at 8.51 and no buyers showing more than 500 at 8.48 and 8.49, so I played it safe and took small profits. Stock later went to 8.71, so played it too safe, but happy.

Posted: Sep 27, 4:13 PM

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