$50 profitGDPShort OptionbyEntrada

GDP came out with some funky news about tiered divedends (A,B,C,D...wtf?) and started trading down on this huge green day for the market so I closed these up about 40% rather than risk being assigned. I am also a little worried about the market rolling over between now and September expiry so may as well take profits. In the end it looks like the preferred divy is a positive catalyst.

Posted: Aug 21, 8:37 PM/

Was up about 250 but piddled $75 away waiting for EOD rally which never came..was not patient just taking anything "good looking", bleh

Posted: Aug 21, 5:06 PM/

Lost another easy 100 getting out and not letting some ride. Even 30 shares...ran up a buck or so

Posted: Aug 21, 5:04 PM/

Short on bad earnings sears so terrible. Should short this too zero really...

Posted: Aug 21, 5:03 PM/

Should have gone longer and stronger what a huge rip by BAC.

Posted: Aug 21, 5:02 PM/

Left so much on the table but seems like it was capitulating even further at 5.80. Wrong...shorts got their face ripped off here.

Posted: Aug 21, 5:00 PM/

Congestion in the 5.25-5.50 range.

Posted: Aug 21, 4:58 PM/

$7 profitFBLong StockbyEntrada

PM small trades

Posted: Aug 21, 4:57 PM/

I went long (reverse from short last night) as Whitman went on CNBC but it seemed like it was starting to dump. Best thing would have been hold all day for an easy 200 gainer...

Posted: Aug 21, 4:56 PM/

Wow. Stop triggered after an .80 drop in a matter seconds (see chart). I seriously thought it was a flash crash, there was no bounce and price went down further before any buying took place. Someone must have sold 30 million shares at market? Terrible loss, even worse given that it bounced back and easily went.20 higher than my intial entry...i was building shares at around 55.90 before this happened. Guess I will not use stops anymore even that deep...frustrating to get stop'd like that.

Posted: Aug 21, 4:52 PM//

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