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1StockRealist Jan 23, 5:37 PM

My experience was great man. Made 60k in very stressless trading in 2013. However I just had a 20k loss which a terribly stupid mistake on my part. Still up nicely the challenge paid for itself.

1DweezyUK Feb 23, 11:31 PM

Congrats on your trip with Tim. Learned a lot in the webinar from you guys. Good luck in the future!

1StockRealist Mar 10, 11:49 AM

@DweezyUK thanks glad it has helped soneone. Wish you the best of luck with trading.

1billyspohn Jun 29, 9:28 PM

just saw a webinar of Tim's and I was wondering if with only a couple hundred dollars is it worth the money?

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