@mikehavrilla Hi Mike, I am watching your 2010 presentation at Tim Sykes' Vegas conference. It seems has expanded quite a bit since then. Could you describe some of the ways it has expanded and improved? Cheers, Jesse

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ThomaStocks Feb 04, 6:33 AM

@weszonsz I've contacted Sogotrade and MB trading, it seems they could also offer service but Thinkorswim is better. What is your Trading approach? Do you have experience?

ThomaStocks Feb 04, 9:03 AM

@weszonsz unbelievable Ameritrade seems to open accounts based on the profile of the customer... I mean they cant open me an account and are unable to give any information regarding that matter. Its a confidential information they say to which countries they open an account. They say to have a list but cannot reveal it. I wonder why? I believe they have criterias of selection no matter where you are from. Do you have a Visa for US? Also it is possible to select any country in the world when doin

traderraider Mar 04, 3:08 PM

I am joining the class of 2015 day/swing traders. I know it is a lot to learn, but I am looking forward to it.

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