$326 profit JAKK Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this earnings winner on big dip, risky since price action is bad, but #s are great and the stock is down from nearly $10 earlier today so all I want is 30-50 cent/share bounce

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but not bouncing as much as I thought it would, better buy coulda woulda shoulda been INFN, I'm a bit rusty with my earnings plays, been a little while!

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littlemoney Oct 23, 8:57 AM

Tim, Thank you for preparing us for another trading day. your students success is largely attributable to your hard work and dedication. I thank you for your mentor ship.

sdoyle16 Oct 23, 9:12 AM

Tim how do you feel about DDD?

johnglazer Oct 23, 3:01 PM

hey would it be a good idea to hold INFN overnight? it has been rallying very steadily today...

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