@timothysykes Do you plan on doing a video lesson or webinar on how you scan watch lists each night using Stocks to Trade or did I just miss it? I just joined Stocks to Trade and watched the webinars, but I still want to know what your method is so I can optimize the software.

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$472 profit VAPE Short Stock

Entry comments: Speculative short into the morning bounce, goal is 3.50

Exit comments: Covering for puny gains, sorry for saying it was a buy, mistyped trying to get alert out quick, commentary said I shorted it though...not dipping like I want so I'm playing it safe, gotta not trade from the airport this is just stupid

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razman Apr 24, 10:29 AM

Well you did say you are hoping it falls to 3.50...unless you were purposely trying to lose money I'm sure people can put 2 and 2 together

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($375) loss XOOM Long Stock

Entry comments: Small speculative postiion going into the market close due to the great earnings and possible analyst upgrades overnight, very small given poor price action, but I aim to make 50-75 cents/share

Exit comments: Now 22.60 as I type so I played it a bit too safe, but I'm trading from an airport, only my 2nd loss in the last month, should tell u something, trading from airports is risky...thought my plane would have wifi but nope, totally wasted $, good video lesson coming

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$1,931 profit SMCI Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought another earnings winner on big $2/share dip off its highs, goal is to make 40-60 cents/share

Exit comments: Got 2 bounces, but nothing huge, BIG resistance at 20.20, taking small gains and moving on, XOOM has more upside potential

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$8,030 profit XOOM Long Stock

Entry comments: Went over this earnings winner the entire webinar this morning, strong growth, mobile sector, terrible longterm chart, good dip buy, resistance at 23.60 which it just took out quite easily, goal is to sell int he 24s, wish it were lower priced but this is as solid an earnings winner as u can get

Exit comments: NAILED the breakout!! Wanted 24, but only got up to 23.90ish, choppy stock, spread currently 23.70 x 23.96, Congrats especially to as I just spent basically 2 hours discussing why this stock would breakout ever since we started watching it at $ nearly $1/share higher mid-day, taking profits and locking it in...I know its higher priced so it's not ideal, but STRONG mobile growth, this could keep going

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PeeOn Apr 23, 11:22 AM

When my account goes from "pee-on" status to "big balla" status.....

RARA_BATINGO Apr 23, 11:29 AM

Just want to say thanks for explaining the technicals behind your "BUY". The earnings, sector, resistance and your goals help put it all into perspective faster than just a BUY notice. Thanks

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