@timothysykes haven't made any money here yet i actually have been struggling with trying to understand the rules and get the actual concept saved in my brain because this is a whole work from scratch as for me but at least i'm in the right place because nothing worthwhile happens over night it's a process thank you for not just the wonderful transfer of knowledge but for also being such a motivator i'm being honest here we need people like you in every sector thank you Sir

MadCasual May 24, 12:42 AM

I just joined today but have no clue where to start either lol

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Remember you don't NEED to trade, don't force anything if there's nothing great, I know it's tough to sit on your hands, but its better than unnecessary losses

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markus_uebel May 22, 2:56 PM

i am absolutely scared of short selling. i watched a video, where you told not no risk too much, where you told about tim grattani loosing 200k on one trade. i will change my account to cash account, no margin. thank you for your videos.

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