solid buy alert on $WETF $1.10/share lower than it is now and my $YOD short alert was 40 cents higher than where it is now, overall good day, congrats to all traders!

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$816 profit YOD Short Stock

Entry comments: Short small amount into this ridiculous runup fueled by newsletters/chatrooms, be careful since its run int he past before but I think I can make a quick 20-30 cents/share

Exit comments: Gave it some time, volume fading nicely, but no big drop as Friday afternoons are scary to short buyout rumor stocks...less than 5% chance of actually getting bought out but you never know, gotta trade safe...still a good trade/setup given the extreme spike...notice I shorted the 2nd spike not the 1st, that reduces risk considerably

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1CONNLEO Oct 31, 3:33 PM

Hi Tim, I tried out shorting for the first time today. I got in on YOD at 2.44 and got out at 2.25. Nothing big but I made a little and got some good experience. I just finished your Russian seminar video. I found it very informative. Looking forward to learning more and trading more. Thanks.

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moevilla Oct 31, 5:39 PM

Thanks for the video!

1msansing Oct 31, 5:53 PM

Great lesson, for all the people who believe in their salary jobs I feel sad for you.

1BgDmAnml Oct 31, 6:30 PM

Very motivating!! After the last couple days of taking small losses this video helped me realize that, yes, I need to cut losses quick, but also need to learn to take small profits!!! A couple times I could of made $100 but waited for bigger profits, watched my profits disappear, and ended up having to take small losses.

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$529 profit WETF Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner on a dip off its 14.40-14.50 day highs, big company, tough to move so fast but solid chart breakout, goal is to make 50 cents/share

Exit comments: Easy profit, I'm running into meeting so I can't give it more time, just wanted to show you how to buy earnings winners on morning dips, now 14.14 congrats to all longs!

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littlemoney Oct 31, 7:12 AM

Tim, Thank you for your continued hard work, dedication, and preparing us for another trading day.I thank you for your mentor ship

johnhallett168 Oct 31, 9:03 AM

Did great yesterday on CDTI - $.50/share.Thanks for the alert!

Morpheus Oct 31, 9:30 AM

Tim CDTI was not in your watch-list yesterday nor the day before so where did you post it? Thanks.

1timothysykes Oct 31, 9:45 AM

@Morpheus because $CDTI had news premarket yesterday I sent potential buy commentary at $2.50, turned out to be dead on, sent via text message, everyone got it

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RuthH Oct 31, 8:28 AM

Wonderful, it goes to prove that it can be be done, congratulations to for your hard work and dedication to learning the rules and applying the strategy.

svoboda Oct 31, 8:37 AM

Congrats man, you are doing an awesome job! Keep on the good work and 1 million will be here sooner than later ;)

N786 Oct 31, 9:22 AM

Congrats! Sounds very inspiring! I will visit your profile later. I am a new challenge student.

PeeOn Oct 31, 12:22 PM


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@timothysykes I just signed up for the millionaire challenge and I am pumped up. BTW in college I used you as a works cited on 2 papers I have done on investing. First paper got 98% and second paper got a 95%... BOO YEAH BABY! BTW I am very open about trading or anything anybody asks about, I look forward to becoming a millionaire aside you and ready to motivate people!

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