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bdetweiler Jul 23, 6:02 PM

I mimicked both of these trades well after the alerts went out so there was plenty of time for people to get in. Long RVLT @ $2.39 and short WSTI @ $0.932.

Drinkman Jul 23, 6:11 PM

Just like PennyStocking DVD, great video....love it.....

PatrickBateman47 Jul 23, 6:20 PM

@ASTANCOV You're wrong, you can short with a $10,000 just make sure you open a T-Margin account. You can change your status under your account settings.

evolve Jul 23, 6:27 PM

Thats great vid!

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SuperMario8 Jul 23, 9:04 AM

Well said Tim. I think now we have an overall view of stocks are in play.

bgarrett Jul 23, 9:49 AM

Tim ur watchlists are amazing, thank u my friend for all u do for me/us.

Drakeo1206 Jul 23, 10:40 AM

Thanks for all the good advice Tim. Amazing teacher!!

littlemoney Jul 23, 11:14 AM

Tim, Thank you for the dedication and your mentorship you show to all your students on a daily basis.

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ShayneL Jul 22, 8:54 PM

What I got from this lesson, was watch the reaction to a bearish close (NETE) and anticipate buying a strong bull close. Can anyone else let me know if I missed anything?

tradeDawg Jul 23, 2:01 AM

@ShayneL Don't know where the hell you got that; Tim is surprised it goes bullish after closing bearish. I aint that experienced but every stock I have watched continues the trend of its close; unless it gaps, which is a whole other dynamic to me as I learn.

tradeDawg Jul 23, 2:08 AM

Every video is an invaluable lesson....thanks Sir Tim. Trading stocks is "a hard way to make easy money" however every lesson you give improves a traders knowledge and ability to profit. Thanks a $million$.....

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@timothysykes Pre-Pump??? Hey Tim, stumbled across Tommorow's Blue Chips via an article they wrote. In their disclaimer page they mention TEMN. Looks like a pre-pump, They've been paid a total of $13,400 in cash, 27,000 shares of common, & 9m restricted shares since May. No price action yet... any thoughts on this one? I have no position on it just looking and learning. Thanks

1timothysykes Jul 22, 11:26 AM

Don't try to guess a pump's success based on paid pumping, wait for volume/% gains to show you they mean business, lots of failed pumps out there

Alleywolf Jul 23, 6:33 AM

Thanks for the tip, just watching for now.

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