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SuperMario8 Oct 19, 10:48 PM

The Wolf of Weed Street turn out to be nothing but a sheep, and he didn't even know it LOL!

1emarcal Oct 20, 1:08 AM

Sadly, the biggest obstacle Tim faces after luring people in with the rich lifestyle hook is that it requires DEDICATION AND HARD WORK. The masses will always look to people like this "wolf" because they don't want just the road to easy street, they want it easily too. Sykes will always fight this uphill battle but if lazy people make their bed then so be it.

kunasawa Oct 20, 2:35 AM

That was awesome! Your teaching style is refreshing. You have influenced my trading and I'm proud to be your student.

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@timothysykes What do you think about holding $IBIO over the weekend?

jmtdallastx Oct 17, 10:05 PM

Nope! The phrase "open to assisting the gov't" press release in their website was not enough to convince me. I was waiting to short it when it spiked at the 2:30PM mark and didn't understand what was causing it. I scrambled to look for more news but didn't find any. I actually thought investors are speculating that it will continue to rise but provide an opportunity to short later. Can't wait for Monday to come!

matt3209 Oct 17, 10:11 PM

Thanks!! I guess I will cut my losses at $3.06

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