($1,120) loss VOIL Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorted some via my high net worth broker, paying .012/share in fees for the borrow, possible 1st down day, could lead to panic later today or tomorrow, worth the risk if wrong as soon it'll crash 50 cents/share or more in a day

Exit comments: Not breaking down the way I want, I've seen this squeeze shorts too many times to be aggressive, cutting losses quickly, rules #1, protecting my daily gains overall even after fees here

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PeeOn Sep 29, 3:18 PM

20k shares is to large. Still has spike.

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Belt0311 Sep 29, 6:39 PM

Have been missing out on some very great plays. Have been watching Tim's DVD's (a lot of material to learn). Should be partaking very soon!

NetNinja Sep 29, 10:49 PM

WOW what another great find. that stock Exploded! nice $1.00 gain per share if people held that long. Love the spike action to 4.50

Raphael90 Sep 30, 5:41 AM

Thank you Tim. I appreciate your hard work!

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$2,293 profit VGGL Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this earnings winner on solid 50 cent/share dip, good growth #s, last time they said July was their best month the stock doubled over 2 days, now August has 20% month-over-month growth, but I had to wait for support as this stock moves fast, don't chase it if it spikes too much, the key to success on this one is dip buying off its highs then selling into spikes, goal is to sell at day highs 4ish

Exit comments: Right now 3.99 so I basically NAILED this alert, could breakout past 4, but when I'm up 40-50 cents/share I don't risk any double top, congrats all dip buyers this was a beauty, potential re-buy if it can dip again

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GwenHem Sep 29, 11:07 AM

Any other long suggestions? :)

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