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1littlemoney Sep 27, 10:44 PM

Tim, You are such a great teacher and motivator .Your continued hard work and dedication make it so much easier based on your experiences so to help your students understand what we feel and how to channel those feelings and make the right decisions based on your watchlist.I value your mentorship.

LegalPimp Sep 28, 2:16 AM

I needed the speech about missing plays after I sold my rgse position at the open today. I do get frustrated always being on the right track and finding a way to still fuck up great trades. #salty

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supadeurali Sep 27, 10:42 PM

Why you give different scale for market environment? I guess it is same for every trade..

timothysykes Sep 27, 10:44 PM

@supadeurali no, different # for different patterns in different market environments...i.e. morning spikes worked better in June/July/August than they do now, now, failed morning spikes are hot

mbsdad Sep 27, 11:19 PM

watched and learning!

kjabrian Sep 27, 11:51 PM

getting it slowly,I stopped trading for a while till i finish traderchecklist.I watched video8 last night but I need to watch it again,which was the watch list video. Thank You

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[TimChallenge] now i see exactly your bewilderment with early short sellers. it was obvious they were going to get squeezed on RGSE

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timothysykes Sep 27, 1:27 PM

Imagine how profitable you'd be if you followed rule #1 and cut losses quickly too

Rollingball Sep 27, 1:55 PM

Now it's over $6.00 per share. I feel ya. I sold at 2.70 this morning

HoneyBadgerTrading Sep 27, 3:04 PM

You know that you can call your broker and get a one time account reset if you get that 3 month slap on your account ... Keep that in mind

nirvanaghk Sep 27, 9:56 PM

@HoneyBadgerTrading hanks for the great advice HoneyBadger, I had no idea, I'll keep it in mind, but once again I'll be more careful in the future

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