Aww... I just downloaded the app and couldn't access it because it said I need a subscription or a streaming product. I contacted customer service and they said that even though I bought @timothysykes "How To Make Millions" DVD, I still wouldn't be able to access the app because it had to be the streaming version. :(

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[TimChallenge] What do u think about $ZIXI - up on earnings, about to break monthly & weekly resistance @ 5.03 - also broke 52week high - should go long on breakout here?


$1,048 profit VLTC Long Stock

Entry comments: Failing to go red on the day, leads me to believe it can have a late Friday shrt squeeze, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share, risk is I cut losses if it goes red or close to it, low risk, decent reward Friday afternoon trade

Exit comments: Low stress bounce play, thought it might spike more on a Friday afternoon but I'll take roughly 40 cents/share, lots of intraday resistance in the 11.75-11.80 range so best to play it safe although I might re-buy before the market close if it continues bouncing, should lead to Monday gap up

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shdwknght Apr 24, 5:40 PM

I'm not sure I understand what you mean "risk is I cut losses if it goes red or close to it"? Your post says you bought at 11.35, which is way below the red. What was the indicator for you that this had a chance of going back into the green at that precise moment? If I understand right, going red means going below the market open price, in this case anything below 11.90 is red. Maybe thats the part I'm wrong about.

shdwknght Apr 24, 9:37 PM

@timothysykes Ah right. The day candle (based off the previous day candle's close). Its no different than a minute or hour candle. Too much trading, video lessons, studying, brain completely fried. A 3 day old rookie should know this even. TGIF! Have yourself a nice weekend!

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