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drsandra Oct 04, 2:29 PM

This is impressive use of programs and data. I don't know that I see myself doing this. As a person learning to trade for part time day trading, I don't have and will not have the time. I hope I will be able to continue on without getting quite this deep into analysis. Thanks for the look into this kind of analysis. It is eye opening. :)

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Good morning! In 2 hours the 8th annual #TISummit begins (attendees please use that hashtag on social media to share useful quotes/pics, etc) so I want you ALL watching this video http://tim.ly/1Obe96S which was an end of the week review some comments correcting my doubters/critics...when they confuse my students on patterns, that's when they cross the line & must be called out...all I want to do is teach you rules/patterns thatI've refined over 15 years, learn them & utilize them!

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longstoryshort Oct 03, 12:55 AM

Well looks like it'll be a good hold but yeah risky to enter into a stock if you can't get out

Arbi717 Oct 03, 1:15 AM

same thing happened to me expect I sold, in at $FOLD at 7.37 out at 7.48. tried to raise sell order after spike but it was too late. Anything can be choppy its true. Even if I made $4 instead of $400 (fml) I have a lesson, :/ and it sucks

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Decensteve Oct 03, 8:29 PM

Dip buy,, right Mindset, Right Brokers, Sniper trading mentality, and you are following the Footprints of $$$$$$$$$$$$

tembotanu5 Oct 04, 4:02 PM

love the clarification, the emphasis........ and such a linguist!

jakito100 Oct 04, 4:25 PM

You tell'em Tim! F??king idiots.

Mayflower7182 Oct 04, 4:39 PM

Love your passion Tim! You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to help us understand and learn.

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