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PokeTrader Apr 28, 11:49 PM

Pretty much. Sometimes I look for volume spikes but there has to be something else in play, whether it be news, a pump, or earnings.

PokeTrader Apr 28, 11:50 PM

Or a breakout play. Those are my preferred play.

1ironmiketyson86 Apr 29, 12:02 AM

I check the chat history on $PRGN and someone actually alerted it when it was in the .30 cent range in p/m... at around 9AM. Gotta use good scanners to find vol. spikes, can't always rely on the chat (even though the chat does a stellar job)

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littlemoney Apr 28, 11:59 PM

Tim, Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication. Your students are so blessed to have mentor who displays such !! I value your mentorship.

1LegalPimps Apr 29, 12:12 AM

Your a consistent sob! Consistency breeds your results.

andywilliams Apr 29, 2:08 AM

@treat_rayner agreed! Yesterday had so much going on, I missed 3 plays I had planned for as I was watching the craziness of PRGN et al...

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[TimAlerts] This is freckin crazy in on $PRGN at $0.84 out at $1.87 400 shares on a small account! i guess this is how you grow a small account and nice $418 profit so thankful for every dollar of it thanks tim! and chatroom appreciate all the help!

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[TimAlerts] Hey Tim, thanks for your teachings. After a few months off I could've potentially made $3,000 on PGRN but instead of 3000 shares I clicked 300... but hey, $300 isn't so bad for my 4k account

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