[TimAlerts] $THLD has a court order, and some red days after spike.. would you short it? (I wont I am just asking)


@timothysykes I've been studying stocks for a week now. i have a broker account open but I haven't traded yet. i did my my first paper trades this morning. this ended up in 2 losses and 1 win. -2.6% on $ARWR . -3.6% on $STEM . and a 0.3% gain on $EXPR .All trades were done between 9:15 am and 9:40 am. i understand when to get out of a stock, but how do i create a decent watchlist? and how do i find stock that may do well? PS: Super excited for the trader checklist!

Linkster Aug 24, 1:43 PM

Thanks! I'll definitely study the DVD before i start trading with real money. I really looking forward to my first trades. I may lose or win some; I just want to go in knowing i have the knowledge required to be successful in the long run.!

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JeremyS76 Aug 24, 10:15 AM

Tim, I was just watching the fourth disk on your how to make millions DVD yesterday. When you were talking about better than expected earnings and good news. OSUR and DAKT were a perfect example of that if you bought the stock before close and held it to next day. You know what you are doing man! I thank you so much!

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