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Entry comments: I dip bought this runner on a nice 20 cent/share dip off its highs, goal is to sell for 20-40 cents/share later today or tomorrow

Exit comments: I wanted to hold overnight but wall of sellers at 1.74 is telling me different, and I need to REALLY focus on working my new DVD "Trader Checklist" so I'll play it safe, big time potential buy tomorrow

Posted: Jul 26, 3:22 PM/ 11/$

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Entry comments: I bought this recent Supernova near day highs as OPTT is spiking big and that might light this one up just like OPTT spiking lit up SPU when I bought last week...low float sympathy plays, we'll know if I'm right soon, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzzz weak spike, OPTT fading now too, guess these guys don't have the firepower they did last week, good lesson for me, I won't be aggressive here, basically a scratch

Posted: Jul 26, 10:21 AM/$

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Entry comments: I shorted small position at Etrade since all the big low floaters like SPU, OPTT, KONE seem to be failing to spike so that opens the door to morning panics, this is the only one I could get borrow on, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share of downside

Exit comments: Got a little morning drop but no big panic, KONE/OPTT low floaters still holding up so I cover safely and not risk any bounce back...better trades were to buy ALIM and KOOL, but I missed both and got this one, be sure to get in the chatroom though, soooooo many traders nailing plays left and right

Posted: Jul 26, 9:35 AM/ 1/$

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Entry comments: I bought this recent runner on the solid multi-day breakout now intraday breakout too, even covered his short in the 2.90s, everything looks good even if this company is junk, goal is to sell for 25-50 cents/share later today or tomorrow morning

Exit comments: Big crack, no idea what happened, better safe than sorry I'm out

Posted: Jul 25, 2:52 PM/ 2/$

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Entry comments: I bought this less volatile play sine it seems to have consolidated nicely just above multi-year resistance in the 4.80s, I'll give this one some time, goal is to make 40-60 cents/share

Exit comments: I gave it a few hours, probably needs a few more hours or even days to really spike, but in this hot market I just don't have that kind of patience as it takes too much time to watch this slow mover and there's a solid wall of sellers in the 5.20s...I might-rebut if it can show better spiking, same pattern as similar big contract winner $SYNC which tested its initial spike highs on day 5 which would be tomorrow on this play so I'm still watching it

Posted: Jul 25, 9:49 AM/ 1/$

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Entry comments: Less volatile play that is breaking out of its multida-y uptrend and we see any one of these low floaters can run so I'm taking small speculative position

Exit comments: Nasty loss on this as it failed its morning spike and is just too illiquid for me to have a mistake not seeing proper volume when I initially bought, but I'm still green on the day so even with mistakes, you have to keep moving froward

Posted: Jul 22, 10:06 AM/$

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Entry comments: I bought this float float/low market runner premarket as its up premarket on big volume, this could be today's big spiker, if I'm wrong I'll lose 15-25 cents/share, if right my goal is to make 50-75 cents/share since its already up 40% today

Exit comments: Out for small gains, no big spike, I don't trust it,

Posted: Jul 25, 9:14 AM/ 2/$

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Entry comments: I'm dip buying one of today's big runners, low float, security play, most importantly support at 4.80 so roughly 20 cents/hare of risk, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share on a re-spike, just hit 5.30ish a few minutes ago so I'm buying on a dip but just above intraday support too...morning high was $7.50ish, crazy market right now

Exit comments: I'm out for small gains near the market open as it just doesn't have the big volume or big % gains premarket I wanted, especially given that it's a security play and there were more security issues over the weekend, I'll focus on CBMX, BLPH, JAGX, SPHS right now, they're all better setups for possible big morning spikes

Posted: Jul 22, 3:39 PM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: Dip bought this runner into a big dip, tons of support in the 1.20s from earlier today, I doubt it'll get back to 1.80 high today but my goal is to hold over the weekend and this is a possible morning spiker again

Exit comments: Whew, what a way to start the week, yes please! As I type this now its 1.89 so maybe I'm selling this too soon, but I don't care, nearly a 50% overnight winner for me is best case scenario, potential re-buy if it can keep having volume, but I lock locking in safe profits, especially on overnight plays, TCCO is up to 5.48 premarket prices from my buy at 5 Friday too, I LOVE this market

Posted: Jul 22, 2:51 PM/ 16/$

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Entry comments: This recent runner has some solid volume, I'm dip buying it off its morning high already potential morning spiker, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share, cut losses fast if wrong

Exit comments: Got a nice little followup spike but seems to be a wall of sellers at 1.40ish, I'm not risking it in this crazy market, it either goes big or no dice, dip buying was the key here to my minimal gains

Posted: Jul 22, 9:50 AM/ 2/$

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