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Entry comments: A big newsletter pick just put a $3.90/share price target on this stock, big volume pick up the past few minutes on the news, this could be multi-month breakout, if I'm wrong I lose 5 cents/share, if right my goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, worth a shot given the newsletter pump and chart

Exit comments: Zzzzz we got a little spike, but now volume is fading and there seems to be big sellers in the 3.25-3.30 area so it's not as much as I wanted. Serves me right for trading mid-day these breakouts are tough to hold, especially when the overall market is down 1%, trade safely and adjust expectations in this market

Posted: Sep 29, 12:53 PM/ 4/$

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Entry comments: Straight from my watchlist, I'm shorting this 2-day winner which usually fails, keeping position small though just in case it comes back more, but my goal is to make 30-50 cent/share, I used Interactive Brokers

Exit comments: We got a small drop, but no big panic like I wanted, now it looks to have big buyers protecting the day low of 4.75-4.80 that I needed it to break to get to my goal so I must accept a smaller profit as this can still squeeze so I need to play it safe...potential reshort into big spikes or if it can fade and break this 4.80ish level

Posted: Sep 29, 9:35 AM/$

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Live video trade I made today except video player crashed mid-trade LOL, still working out the kinks of this new teaching style, but you didn't miss much, I was trying to ride the wave of low float spikers, KONE, SPU, OPTT, SAEX...only SPU held onto its gains, all he others failed pretty quickly

Posted: Sep 28, 6:12 PM/ 2

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Entry comments: I shorted this multi-day winner/bad sushi example from my free guide as it looks like it can go red today and fade...not a truly volatile stock though so I just want to make 10-20cents/share on my short, I used Interactive Brokers here

Exit comments: PERFECT crash for this kind of a stock, +$1,000ish for me, I'll take it every time on such a non-volatile stock within an hour

Posted: Sep 27, 11:16 AM/ 4/$

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Entry comments: As I said in chat/on watchlist, this has been a potential short due to the 50% runup in a few days from an analyst who has been hyping this for 3+ years all while this stock has dropped 90%...I don't like shorting such low priced stocks though so I wanted to give it all the time it needed and now it looks like it can go red today, it already tested 1.40 but bounced, now with volume fading more I think it breaks 1.40 and I can cover in the low 1.30s or even 1.20s, thats my goal, 1.50+ is my risk

Exit comments: Closing out my short in this for another few cents/share profit, but it didn't go red on the day like I wanted and now it's barely moving...I need to focus on more exciting plays like RGSE, the stocks I've been trading the past 2 days are putting me to sleep!

Posted: Sep 26, 12:58 PM/ 1/$

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Entry comments: I bought this speculative disinfectant company on new Chipotle is using them in all 2,000+ locations took forever to get a fill, grrr I hate OTC plays but there's not much risk buying a stock with so much support at $1ish and if people see this news and its spreads like I think it can, my goal is to sell for 15-30% profits

Exit comments: The Chiptole news mentioned in several other chatrooms and got a nice secondary spike, but now it looks to be a double top at 1.25ish so I lock in safe puny profits on this one, disappointing but that's trading, I'll do video lesson later today on this

Posted: Sep 27, 9:33 AM/$

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Entry comments: Shorting the probable first down day on this recent runner, nice morning panic and bounce today, likely has the same pattern next week so my goal is to make 20-40 cents/share on a morning panic next Monday, will review on this weekend's video lesson too

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, covered for puny gains, no big panic like I wanted, not going to risk it, SAEX didn't have a big panic either, trade safe today, remember the rules

Posted: Sep 23, 3:41 PM/ 1/$

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Live trade today made during my webinar, nothing huge, but decent green to red price action in this stock so I covered for small profits, the pattern of shorting into the failed morning spike int he mid 10s would've worked better here

Posted: Sep 23, 12:03 PM/ 5

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Entry comments: I dip bought this recent multi-month breakout play on a nice 10% dip off its highs, I actually made a video of why I ought too, initially 4k at 5.31, just added another 2k at 5.27, this won't be a huge winner, but high probability it comes back to the high 5s or even low 6s in the next few days/weeks, solid risk/reward so I'll take it and send you the video explaining more shortly

Exit comments: Sold nicely into this morning spike, I NEVER expected this to be a big winner, so I'm taking the solid nearly $2,000 in profits after a few days, very nice

Posted: Sep 20, 1:12 PM/ 1/$

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Entry comments: Spiking near multi-day resistance at 1.10 on this news I'll try for a morning spike, if it can break 1.10 it can spike fast, goal is to sell in the 1.20s, but be careful if it can't break 1.10

Exit comments: No dice on the morning spike, gave it some time, maybe it breaks past the key multi-day breakout level at 1.10 later, small loss after commissions, zzzzzzzzz

Posted: Sep 22, 9:34 AM/ 6/$

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