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Entry comments: I dip bought this recent earnings winner on its low volume morning panic as its uptrended nicely the past 2 days, would love to see a move back to the high 8s/early 9s, that's my goal but will cut losses quickly like on EDAP if wrong, reminds me of MITK price action which was usually good to buy on dips for days after its earnings win

Exit comments: This hit my goals so I don't want to be greedy as its also had trouble at 9ish each of the past 2 days, nice comeback gain from sloppy EDAP trade at the market open, I'll do a video lesson on both of these so please watch it later today, I'm down a few hundred overall between the 2 of them but solid lessons from these trades and notice I'm trading VERY small isn this slow August market, no need to try to be a hero right now

Posted: Aug 25, 9:49 AM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: I bought this potential earnings winner, solid gap up, holding it well, small position though since this isn't a fast mover, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share

Exit comments: Big tank, mental stop loss hit, rule #1 cut losses fast, no idea what happened but better safe than sorry

Posted: Aug 25, 9:35 AM/ 4/$

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Entry comments: I dip bought this wannabe Starbucks chain that's down 90% in 2 years after they reported better-than-expected earnings numbers last night and is spiking 20% today in this could be the beginning of a comeback, or at least an attempted comeback and the stock is VERY cheap so I'm not alone in my goal is to make 30-50% on this in the next few weeks/months

Exit comments: I sold my remaining my position for a small loss as they replaced their CEO and CFO in management last night and for a low priced stock that is a BAD sign and bankruptcy is now a much more likely thanks...shoulda woulda coulda taken all my profits when I could've in the .35-.40 range, good lesson for me not to be too greedy

Posted: Aug 12, 12:31 PM/$

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Entry comments: I'm dip buying this contract winner with Toyota today and a multi-month breakout above 2.15, another slower mover/bigger company so I'm in no rush double topped at 2.40ish today so if it can get back there, it can breakout, and I'd love to sell in the 2.50s or 2.60s, but energy plays are tough so this is no gimmie despite the solid news/'s a 74 out of 100 on my new scale (DVD will be ready soon)

Exit comments: No morning spike/gap up like I wanted so I play it safe and cut losses fast, onto the next...small losses are fine, the problem comes in when you ignore rules and let small mistakes turn into potential disasters...potential re-buy on dips

Posted: Aug 18, 12:32 PM/ 9/$

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Entry comments: I bought this multi-month breakout above 6.30, thanks to for the alert, solid earnings it looks like, bigger company than I like, but if this breakout holds, I will look to make 30-50 cents/share

Exit comments: I gave this nearly an hour, but it's fading and not holding the multi-month breakout at 6.30ish so while the news is positive/solid, I can't just sit back and wait as it likely falls to under 6...this is more of a potential longterm buy given how slowly it moves...rule #1 cut losses fast

Posted: Aug 18, 9:33 AM/ 4/$

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Entry comments: I dip bought this speculative morning spiker today, its gone Supernova before & already hit 5+ this morning but I wanted to let it settle because it's also had several failed morning spikes...reminds me of SITO yesterday which bounced nicely off its morning lows, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share today

Exit comments: I gave it a try, but this bounce is weak and we're now heading into midday with fading volume so I'm out for puny gains...maybe it'll bounce later in the day like SITO did yesterday, but I just don't know and when you have doubt, it's safer to get out...potential re-buy only if it can break above 4.40ish resistance and mount a more impressive bounce

Posted: Aug 17, 10:16 AM/$

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Entry comments: VERY SMALL POSITION: I dip bought this earnings winner since there's tons of support just a penny below my entry, it got up to .29ish on Friday and earlier today, I'd love to sell back at .29ish or even low .30s, this is a SLOW mover so I'll give this s a few hours or even days given the limited risk/earnings spike on Friday

Exit comments: Sold into PERFECT gap up, maybe it goes more, but this is a 40% winner from my buy yesterday, best case scenario, congrats to all longs, I LOVE earnings winners

Posted: Aug 15, 10:12 AM/ 8/$

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Entry comments: I waited patiently for the dip on this new breakout/earnings winner, it's already hit the 4.80s so I'd love to see it get back there and if it can it can spike to wish which is my goal...only buy this on dips, don't chase it as it has tons of failed spikes in the past too

Exit comments: I tried to give it time, but its fading again and BARELY holding its multi-month could still spike, but this is a heavily shorted stock on a Friday morning, it should do better than this, small loss, rule #1 cut losses quickly

Posted: Aug 12, 9:46 AM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: Dip bought this new potential earnings winner that was spiking to the 2.40s premarket, my goal is to sell for 30-50 cents/share later today or tomorrow, not as much risk buying on this solid dip off premarket highs

Exit comments: AWESOME morning spike, hit my goals perfectly, but now double topping at 2.70ish so I take my profits, good to trade while traveling, really forces me to choose ONLY the best plays and give them some time to play out...down to 2.50 before I can even get alert out, sorry

Posted: Aug 10, 9:34 AM/ 5/$

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Entry comments: This former Supernova is up big after-hours on earnings, same setup as TOPS last Friday and after-hours buyers were rewarded with a big gap up/morning spike so while I might be chasing here, the potential reward of 50-75 cents/share of upside from here makes it worthwhile as it's held the high 3s all after-hours session long...I'm also flying Monday so I don't even know if I'll be there at the market open, but screw it, in this hot market I'll be aggressive, SMALL POSITION though

Exit comments: Sold into solid morning spike on good reaction to earnings, congrats to all longs, pretty crazy...maybe it goes more, but it hit my goal and more so I take safe profits even while traveling

Posted: Aug 05, 7:22 PM/ 7/$

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