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Entry comments: I bought this former runner on breakout over day highs, I was try to grab it at 2ish, but it moved too fast so I'm keeping my position small since it's so quick, I will NOT chase this since its only 2pm EST, I wanted this later in the day for power hour and possible morning spike tomorrow to sell into, goal is to sell in the 2.20s or 2.30s, don't get greedy

Exit comments: I sold my remaining position into the failed morning spike, laptop acting up too, might have to reset grrrrrrr

Posted: Oct 19, 1:59 PM/ 7/$

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Worst trade of the year BY FAR during a live webinar, trying to catch a falling knife, I went WAY too big too soon despite being right about the bounce...making a VERY useful video lesson now for everyone to see what I did wrong, got lucky I only lost a few hundred bucks, I was down $15,000+

Posted: Oct 19, 10:57 AM/ 6

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Entry comments: WOW I just checked my Interactive Brokers account, been trying to short this for a while, finally just got executed at 4.77, thanks IB! Solid entry, goal is to make 40-80 cents/share since this is a true Supernova, small position though since it's risky

Exit comments: Not breaking down the way I want, could still squeeze, heading into midday, no's lesson is trade EXTRA safe and take small profits when price action isn't great, I'm +$1000 on many small trades

Posted: Oct 18, 10:24 AM/ 3/$

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Entry comments: I found some to short at Interactive Brokers, whew, I'll average up if I can, ideally, as I don't think this spike can last, too many chats propping it up, when they sell this collapses, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share of profit

Exit comments: Got a decent little fade from my short, but no big crack, it's holding green on the day and it could still squeeze so I respect price action here and take small profits...focusing on my CANN short which has much more downside potential anyway

Posted: Oct 18, 9:47 AM/$

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Entry comments: Same kind of chart as MJNA, same weed sector too, multi-month resistance is at .12 so it has a ways to go and it just performed a nice multi-day breakout and intraday breakout too...I'd love to see it get up to .12, then see if it 'll top there or possibly breakout...see my position sizes though, only risking a few thousand dollars as this whole sector is SKETCHY, read

Exit comments: I sold this one into a decent gap up too, not as much as I want, but I'll take it, nice overnight plays

Posted: Oct 17, 3:02 PM/ 1/$

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Entry comments: I bought this marijuana stock on a multi-day breakout (over 7 cents) and now an intraday breakout too over the morning highs, as this has a history of spiking for 2 days in a row and today is just the first big green's also gone Supernova in the past, although it's far too early to say it'll do that this goal is conservative to sell in the 8-9 cent/share range as it moves slowly, but it was hitting 8 cents/share a few days ago so I think it can get back there

Exit comments: I sold into the PERFECT morning gap up just to lock in gains, it might run more, but I'm happy with this as I still don't trust this sector

Posted: Oct 17, 2:54 PM/ 2/$

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Live trade I posted this live video lesson on got the double top at 4.85 this morning so I exited with minimal gains, good educational example, VERY little risk, decent potential reward...onto the next!

Posted: Oct 17, 5:24 PM/ 2

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Entry comments: I shorted this morning spiker/earnings loser, it was in the mid 4s earlier today, this looks just to be a short squeeze, goal is to make 30-50 cent/share of downside

Exit comments: Not breaking down, squeeze is still on, rule #1 cut losses safe on shorts, especially on Fridays

Posted: Oct 14, 9:58 AM/$

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Entry comments: I bought this recent runner on a big multi-day dip, but solid midday a nice analyst note this morning and its trending higher, great spot by Mark Croock in the chatroom, it already hit the 8.30s today so I'd love to see it get back there and possibly rest multi-day resistance at 8.50ish, but this isn't a fast mover so I have low expectations of anything truly big

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz what a weak gap up/morning spike, I need to stick to lower priced plays, this was so choppy/boring, my bad, need to remember my discipline

Posted: Oct 13, 12:19 PM/$

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This was an attempted live video trade, but the video software crapped out mid-trade...don't worry, you didn't miss much, despite the overall market dropping nicely, this has held green, albeit slightly, all morning long...still made some decent $ shorting the failed morning spike though

Posted: Oct 13, 11:31 AM/ 1

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