Entry comments: Buying this hot wearable computing company on a $3/share dip off its highs, I think it gets back to those highs and breaks out so my goal is to make $3-5/share in the coming days/weeks

Exit comments: This stock moves SO slowly even on good news, they are rumored to get the new iPhone 6 contract, got upgraded by an analyst and I'm up not even $2/share, no thanks, this is looking tired, might still run, but I'm taking my 8% profits in a week, nothing huge, but not too bad


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  • Position Size1,000
  • Percentage7.22%
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payne247Mar 14, 14 2:46 AM

Mr. Skyes, my name is Joshua Smith. I have a very interesting story to tell. Missy, from your customer service department has my full story. In short, I am the perfect understudy that you seek. If you read my story, I know you will agree. If you have seen the movie "The Hunger Games" I am your perfect Mockingjay.

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