Entry comments: Added a short-term position on top of my longterm position on news today with Hanwha http://tim.ly/1g0JzZJ expanding their upcoming revolutionary plastic, LQMT gets all the press/rumors but this company has the big contracts, goal is to sell in the .40s

Exit comments: Stock spiked a bit, but overall market is VERY weak and smallcaps especially like YOD, SMSI, EKSO are getting wrecked...not the time to be speculative, taking safe profits here, still holding longterm position though


  • Total Views1,863
  • Position Size75,000
  • Percentage10.53%
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BravoSixApr 07, 14 11:49 AM

Take the $1,500 - Not as liquid as you normally like, smart to be safe

timothysykesApr 07, 14 12:07 PM

@BravoSix I made more than $1500 here, still working on updating new chat to handle extra decimal places in the entry/exit prices

BravoSixApr 07, 14 12:30 PM

Well done Mr Sykes, with that 75k position those decimal points are a lot more relevant than mine

jsagsApr 07, 14 12:44 PM

Yeah most of me last wins are negated with YOD and SMSI fails to cut losses fast enough but I am out and looking mostly to short now. When are announcing who you are taking to trade with you?

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