Entry comments: Bought this former runner on a dip due to their releasing Fugitive Finder app http://tim.ly/1oxws7Z already got some press, I expect more over the weekend, earnings next week, expect them to hype it up, I wanna make 10-20-30% if this catches a bid, low risk given the rop from $1/share

Exit comments: Grrrr as I type this it just broke through .69 so I played it too safe...oh well, anyway I'm out, here's my commentary: Got a nice spike off the news, but it can't seem to break .69, May 2nd resistance, I thought it could at least get up to .75ish resistance, perhaps I'm playing it too safe, perhaps its just the overall market...specualtive play though, I'll rebuy on any big dip or breakout...gotta respect intraday double tops though


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  • Position Size50,000
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Dee_ELMay 09, 14 10:31 AM

i see you do get in and out!! lol damn man!! i'm watching & learning though. got small account, would need .85 to clear TD fees. trying to grow my account, being patient!!

pennystock404May 09, 14 11:10 AM

As soon as I received your alert, it was up .68. While you was getting out, I was getting in. You probably sold your shares to me. :(

timothysykesMay 09, 14 11:20 AM

@pennystock404 sorry I can't help when other newsletters piggyback my alerts, the good news is I showed you the IDEAL time to get in and had you read the alert, you wouldn't have chased a stock up so much...good lesson for you, don't blindly follow anyone's alerts, learn to be self-sufficient and see WHY i bought/sold

provotroutMay 10, 14 11:29 AM

beautiful 15 day chart for a breakout after consolidation at .66 Friday afternoon.

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