Entry comments: Too many waves of short squeezes today on the back of blatant promotion, I'd love a halt, more likely though I'll look to make 30-50 cents/share

Exit comments: Didnt get drop I wanted, risked wayyyyyyy too much, will do video explaining my screw up


  • Total Views1,485
  • Position Size70,000
  • Percentage-4.38%
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PeeOnMay 23, 14 12:27 PM

Master Tim, this really wasn't that bad! I thought you were about $.1 low in your entry and maybe +$200k more than necessary for this level of speculation. But right now, just a few minutes later, it's already down to $4.42. So this trade was very workable!

timothysykesMay 23, 14 1:14 PM

Yah the trade was workable I just took too big of a position and got freaked out, video lesson coming

RogierMay 23, 14 5:17 PM

You were dead right. Only if you would have held. So if you can freak out with 10+ yrs experience. I guess weak hearts should not trade

PeeOnMay 23, 14 9:42 PM

@Rogierx Even a seasoned trader will feel fear. The difference is that he can control his fear and do what he needs to do. In other words, all the emotions still flow. He just controls his reaction(s) to them. I took a very small position at $4.9. If it pops to $6-7, all the better to re-short. If it DOUBLES, great! I have plenty of room to scale in. This pony is gonna be ridden hard all the way back down to the high $3's and put away wet!!

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