Entry comments: Small speculative long as its found support at $5ish the past few days, I'd love to see a rebound like USU just did when it had the same kind of chart/price action since this is down nearly 50% off its highs of $9 just a few days ago...small risk of 25 cents/share or so, upside target in the high 5s or even low 6s if it can uptrend and squeeze shorts ideally in a morning spike tomorrow...careful though since this company is hurting so I will sell into spikes and not hold longterm

Exit comments: PERFECT breakout once it broke above $5.50, I'm flying and I just made $3k, you can do this frm ANYWHERE!


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Andrew123Jul 17, 14 12:09 PM

So you think there'll be a small spike in the morning?

TaipeiRobJul 17, 14 12:31 PM

It'd be nice to have a clear time stamp on both the entry and the exit!

timothysykesJul 17, 14 12:35 PM

@bobbygr it exists in the chatroom and on emails

LouieJul 17, 14 12:42 PM

saw your alerts in the chatroom, the moment you sent the alert I bought 2000 shares. Made a profit on my paper/trial account. Newbie here. thanks tim

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