Entry comments: Bought this multi-week breakout/Z/TRLA sympathy play that is very cheap compared to that merger's vlauations, on a nice dip 50 cents/share off day highs, very similar to DTLK on Friday, should hold 15 since that's the major breakout so I'm risking 10-15 cents/share, upside of 50 cents or more if it can spike tomorrow morning and retest today's highs, earnings tomorrow after the close, some of the 3 million shorts should be worried given this price action

Exit comments: Got the bullish analyst note & Seeking alpha article overnight but no big morning spike/gap up today and Z/TRLA are down slightly so playing it safe since it's just barely a breakout above 15 and this is a slow moving stock...gotta play safe when things don't go EXACTLY as planned, the news was predictable and dead on, the price action though is disappointing


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