Entry comments: Bought CBDE on solid dip off the afternoon highs, lots of people expected a big spike into the close and are now panicking, I did video lesson I'll publish tomorrow saying I expected this, goal is still to sell in the low 4s next week, any article that makes a comparison to SolarCity would help a ton but not sure if anyone will write it, I like buying contract winners just above support (3.50) on big dips, they tend to retest the highs if not breakout the next trading day!

Exit comments: NICE solid overnight gap up, traded as high at 4.30 premarket but it was on low volume, this is a solid low risk/hold over the weekend gain, 30-50 cents/share from my buy alert, and while it might spike more, I'm going to focus more on VOIL as it has a greater chance for a big 20-30-40% win today, let's see if that pump can crack! Congrats to all wekeend CBDE longs and VOIL shorts, I was patient, meticulous with my approach and dead on with these both


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eheldman3Aug 04, 14 7:59 PM

I was thinking be a good short, ah I learned something once again.

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