Entry comments: Shorted this 3 mf times so I have a big ass position on this stock looking to hold overnight if it shows me the right price action. This thing is super-super overextended and is now on the downward side of the momentum. I think I have a great position and would love for this to break under 16 today. Still will be cautious though as this still is a supernova and low float at that

Exit comments: Did not mean to have tihs position in the lsightest. I should've never shorted this in the first place but I left a few orders in and...not an excuse though. Regardless, today I let his run down a little bit as I held it through so much spiking. Lol I got out right before this big drop just now though and I would feel sick..but that;s what I get for shorting this in the first place when I did lmfao. It's in the 14s right now though lol I'd be up like 100k right now if I hadn't gotten out

Posted: Jan 09, 12:25 PM/ 3
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