Entry comments: I used my big IB account to dip buy this big Supernova on signs of bottoming action in the afternoon, classic #5 pattern from my PennyStocking Framework DVD, very speculative, rumors that their financing deal will not price tonight so it could still come back a bit, not all the way but all I want is a $1-2/share bounce, be careful this one moves fast, dip buy only, not a chase

Exit comments: Rumors about the lack of deal now spreading but this got up to the mid 18s then promptly tanked...resistance from recent high in the high 18s and I'm judging this trade based on very speculative rumors and still getting used to trading with size so I'll just exit cautiously with small gains and play it safe...scary stocks! Better stick to lower priced Supernovas like MYOS now FFHL too, aye aye aye too many plays, be safe guys, trading like a coward is not a bad thing

Posted: Jan 11, 3:10 PM/$

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