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PULMShort Stock

This was just a poor poor trade on my part. I missed the initial breakout over 3 but also wrote down that it had resistance in the high 3's and could be a potential short risking off 3.75. I shorted in the 3.50's where I should have been buying as I've seen this pattern play out so many times where it holds up and breaks the day highs continuing. But it seemed to be a chat pump spike into resistance but also had the contract news. I was taking a trade that only big account traders should take.


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RichieMMar 22, 17 8:13 PM

To continue, I was taking a trade with poor risk reward for my account and sold weakness and bought strength, something I don't want to do, I also thought it had more downside and that's just not the way I have to trade right now I have to be going for singles and taking low risk high odds trades. I can do better.

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