Entry comments: Good morning, this recent runner/frequent morning spiker from my watchlist is testing multi-day highs premarket in the 1.60s on news of winning product of the year, this early action tells me it might test the big breakout level of 1.70 and then it can move fast so I'm buying on a slight dip off the premarket high with the goal of selling in the 1.70s or greater, it also might get stuffed right at the market open though hence why I'm buying premarket to lessen that risk

Exit comments: Got my goals even though greedy me wanted the 1.80s, but now it's looking toppy now in the 1.70s, premarket double top at 1.79, potential re-buy on any dip, but gotta take singles on plays like this, not go for home runs


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Jamesrich173Jul 17, 17 8:40 AM

Hey I was in the stock since Monday from 1.37. Seen on stocks to trade Friday, Great website by the way it it really show you the stocks to trade!

PresantJul 17, 17 8:40 AM

Thank you, I am learning...

AndrewRaleighJul 17, 17 8:48 AM

Your posts always seem to be late. I am just checking this stock and it is at 1.72. I missed this move. Any suggestions? Thank you.

timothysykesJul 17, 17 9:05 AM

@AndrewRaleigh get in the chatroom, you'll see it quicker, also this was on my watchlist so you should've been watching it earlier

dammymorJul 17, 17 9:08 AM

Hi Tim what broker allows you to trade pre-market open? Just signed up for the challenge, so I'm in the process of sorting out a broker that'll allow short selling. I have Tradestation, which I can use for long plays.

AndrewRaleighJul 18, 17 12:14 AM

Thank you for the information Tim. Have a great day tomorrow! I appreciate the opportunity to learn your strategy and thought process......

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