$24 Profit
SDRLShort Stock

Entry comments: Paper Trade: Truthfully, I got in because Michael Goode was talking about it in the chat room. (I use my husband's Silver Subscription) Bankruptcy is looming for this company on Sept 12th. I got in this day as there were shares available and he was adding to his position. I will be curious to see if this was just too early (a full week until the bankruptcy). Commissions and fees may take all the profits. But, it is an experiment afterall.

Exit comments: Exit due to bankruptcy just being a pass to remain a company for a while. Lots of buyers made the reality of it coming down too uncertain so I got out with a safe profit. Nothing big, but for a very low priced stock it's okay. It was an experiment. Lesson: DO NOT predict news outcomes beforehand! I should have just taken my $.19 option when I had it.


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  • Position Size300
  • Percentage24.75%
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