Entry comments: Rebought 2500 shares of MBOT at 1.06. Risk is 1.00. MBOT held 1 and broke out of the downtrend flag which is what I was waiting for. Bought on a penny dip off 1.07. Had good volume during power hour while markets hit all time new highs. This is low float and has lots of shorts so it can squeeze. I think it can retest 1.20 and possibly breakout over that. Could be a big one!

Exit comments: Sold MBOT when it looked like it was gonna fail to hold 1.11. Got greedy and missed plenty of sells in the 1.20s and teens. Kept holding and finally sold. Will keep watching cause it can still squeeze. Hasnt cracked yet. Nice $100 win still.

  • Total Views50
  • Position Size2,500
  • Percentage4.82%
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