$26 Profit
SAEXLong Stock

Entry comments: Bought 800 shares of SAEX at 2.89. Risk is 2.80. Could be the end of the runup but its after spiking on decent volume for 2 days from 1.80 to 2.80. Very low float former runner and closing right near its highs. Speculative buy but holding the uptrend line so far and thats my risk. I think it has another spike in it but I could be wrong. Will just need volume to continue. Pennies have been spiking big lately with markets hitting all time new highs again. Plan to sell into a morning spike

Exit comments: Sold SAEX at 2.935. It was trying to break out but no volume and it just couldnt break 3. I sold to play it safe for a scratch. Not a terrible trade since I stuck to my plan.

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  • Position Size800
  • Percentage1.56%
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