$62 Profit
IZEALong Stock

Entry comments: Big gainer yesterday, contract news today. I've been watching since this morning when it spiked to 7.17 (had I seen the contract news, I would've bought and tried to sell into the spike. It pays to refresh yahoo news, I guess? :) ). Anyway, Plan: Stock held support at ~5.90ish, 20 cents risk, looking for late day bounce or even hold overnight.

Exit comments: Forgot: Risk: 5.90 (20 cents). I'd like to see it take another shot at $7 near EOD for 90 cents, about 4:1 EXIT: decided to take profits. It was sticking around 6.60 with a few spikes into the 6.70 territory, put in a limit sell at 6.70 Good for Day to cash in the last 5 minutes, otherwise I'd have held overnight. Best trade i've made thus far and I think I read the signs decently well. Learn something EVERY DAY! (Closed at 6.62, I got pretty close to the top at the end!)


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