Nice gain here on a 2 day swing. BTC catalyst. Grabbed some in low 2s. Averaged up to 2.40 day 2, and sold all into the parabolic on day 3.


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MisterohDec 22, 17 11:43 AM

How you know this is a crypto stock in the 12/19/17 ? What was the catalyst to buy this stock in 12/19/17? Thks

BMTDec 22, 17 12:41 PM

Hi Roland could u please make a video detailing the trade and your thought process in it?

rabindmDec 22, 17 4:02 PM

@Misteroh - There was an announcement made pre market on STT about entering in crypto

PlasticPaulDec 23, 17 6:48 PM

Hi Roland, I have a question if yo don't mind: what let you to enter on the 19 and hold on? NXTD does not seem to hold spikes and also has warrants with ex price at 2$ so was a no hold for me. Especially on the 19 where the spike failed already in the same manner the day before. Any response would be appreciated! We have a lot to learn :) Many thanks!

JayTradingDec 24, 17 1:20 PM

@rabindm on the 20th there was this announcement about cryptocurrencies but not on the 19th, the day he got in and stayed in, despite the chart looking weak that day.

rabindmDec 24, 17 2:35 PM

@JayTrading - Good analysis and your right. If you have STT, look at the 3-month chart 1 Day. Volume picked up on 12/19 and continued until 12/21

JayTradingDec 24, 17 2:40 PM

@rabindm yep, I see they had a PR on the 19th with some fairly good news, any fintech stock with some good PR will spike I guess. But the price action after an initial premarket spike was almost non-existent, so I am hoping Roland will share his thoughts on why he held that particular day. Was it just hoping for action the next, or did he see something my eyes have not been trained to see yet.

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