Took my piece of the weed sector which was nice as I felt I may have missed them all to the long side. Spotted CNBX moving a bit, but still way behind the others in the sector. Like finding the stragglers as the charts are less over extended. Built position when held day's highs and broke into close. Held through an entire day and sold into strength in push towards 3. Nice little swing there.


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_cupuvjoeJan 04, 18 12:54 AM

Awesome trade Roland. I was actually looking at CANN on 1/3/17 holding near HOD, but didn't want to hold overnight. Ended up being a big spike next morning and I made like $9 in paper trade.

AndikaJan 04, 18 3:23 AM

Nice trade and way to go on being so patient longing for so many days.

ZaleucusJan 04, 18 7:52 PM

sweet bro, congrats

CowardTraderJan 04, 18 10:34 PM

Awesome you are ripping it...Happy for you man, you are my inspiration. Would it be possible you could show or send me a picture of the chart showing entries and exits...I was imaging how I would feel at holding it through Jan 2nd and I don't know if I had the balls to stay in when it fell to $1.83 around 1:30 pm. I am analyzing your plays and I would love to see how you execute this one. It would be very helpful. Thank you!

TradestocksordietryingJan 06, 18 10:22 AM

Looks like a eod buy and hold after it held support all day that day. I this this was a strategy he used when he first started under the pdt. I respect this mans grind and dedication

bank_a_tronicJan 07, 18 7:51 PM

Niiiiice big fat profit, Roland. Congrats!

mahmApr 25, 18 11:15 PM

@WizeFool Thank you man, pls continue to do it

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