$68 Profit
ECYTLong Stock

Mixed feelings about this trade. Had a great initial entry at 9.93 but only got 100 shares out of the 1,000 I was trying to buy. Moved my bid up to 9.95 but didn't get any more. Should have moved the bid to 9.98 or 10 even. When the afternoon ramp took off with a vengeance I FOMO chased and bought the other 900 shares I was trying to get almost 50 cents higher now. That messed up my risk management and I couldn't be patient anymore and let the trade work and ended up panicking out.


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OceanRiderMar 15, 18 4:13 PM

It is hard to balance getting executed, allowing the trade to work, taking profit and cutting losses quickly sometimes. I am starting to define my success as gain and/or less than 2% loss as a win. If you dont lose anything you can still compound account faster on the next win. I view it as working toward continual compounding. 1% daily gain is big if the size accounts for commissions, slippage, etc.

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