$25 Profit
AKERLong Stock

Can't believe I just made money on a long. It was nearing a breakout level on the daily chart and the volume was high in the morning so I waited for it to dip down near previous days support levels to buy in. Bought 500 around the .78 level and 500 around the .76 level risking the .76. Waited for it to break HOD and took a little more than I risked (before commissions). I usually get dumped on going long so I took profits when I had them.

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  • Position Size1,000
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anatomicJan 16, 19 4:45 PM

glad I tried a long as I need to learn them eventually. I tried this because it was hugging vwap pretty hard after the selloff. If I try to SS my short patterns when this happens, it almost always squeezes. Heard Bohen talking about similar price action in a video lesson right around this time. This PA was the only way I was going to play it and it happened so '

anatomicJan 16, 19 4:47 PM

-I scalped it up for a piece.

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