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Faked myself out this morning. Was super tired and took this trade on price action that was close to what I normally look for but hadn't fully developed yet. I only took 2/5ths my normal size because it was speculative. I cut it out of fear when it started to get close to my risk level because I just assumed I knew what the stock was going to do next. It then started break down so I jumped back in and waited for the PA I should've been trading all along. I then took it off for break even AC.


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anatomicMay 28, 18 12:19 PM

Ticker is actually AYTU. This trade had 3:1 potential, but I was way the fuck off in my entry analysis. I was trading tired and ground out. I was spending my days and nights trying to crack this trading thing with my spreadsheets, etc. but the real problem was myself. My find was just too foggy and I was trying to hard to find the secret. The lesson here is to take time off when I'm ground out and tired and just refresh my perspective.

anatomicJan 16, 19 9:19 PM

shouldve made a killing on this one. PERFECT PA. SS into Retest risk HOD. and then unload when it becomes an OH pattern. Scale in with new risk on 13.60, cover half above 12 and rest into panic.

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