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skitterytrack5Apr 05, 18 6:41 PM

I see a support level from the previous dip the stock had about 30 mins ago from where you shorted. How did you anticipate to short it at 10.8? I would really like to know how you anticipated a break from the 10.37 support level. thanks

midasmulliganApr 06, 18 10:12 AM

I tried to short this at the exact same time as you but couldn't find shares to short despite the small position I was trying to take. Any info on how you're able to find shares easily would be appreciated.

ZaleucusApr 07, 18 11:22 AM

mad skills brother, big up yourself! congrats!

AL1Apr 07, 18 12:07 PM

Amazing Trade.

kalaniking007Apr 07, 18 3:19 PM

A lot of bagholders in that July-2014 70M-resistance at ~$8 & on Feb-2017 34M-resistance at 2.4. Psychology: Already overextended; Long-term traders will sell when P spikes; so that pre-mkt product launch & decent morning trading volume were perfect catalysts. U were patient enough to wait for that 2nd pullback (or 3rd bounce as it double-topped, entering on strength) @ 10.8 to get in then rode the fade, risk @ 8.

kalaniking007Apr 07, 18 6:12 PM

My guess is u avoided shorting the April 5 (obvi 1st Red Day pattern) since there's still a lot of LT-investors still stuck at $8 = not enough reward. Or if u did, risk @ Day1-intraday consolidation high of 9.5, noting Day1-support 8.5 for 1st partial exit. IDK ur shorting avg max gain% so this is me all guessing of course, great trade!

OvyboaApr 16, 18 10:28 PM

Alien 👽

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