$9 Profit
CRONLong Stock

Entry comments: Buying this weed stock due to all the hype that's been going around and because it just broke out over it's previous days highs. It's on a third green day which would normally make me super worried but I'm a little more comforted knowing that it's ran for multiple day's in the past. There's all sorts of fluff out there and hype about this whole weed craze so I'm not super nervous, but I'll still be careful! Might hold o/n but I'm not entirely sure yet. Goal is to make 0.75ish to 1.50ish.

Exit comments: Didn't break out too much like the way I wanted but I held anyways. I would've held overnight if the volume wouldn't have faded all day and the price started dropping into the close as well. That was enough to scare me out of my position. Small profit, might try buying later this week on a dip.


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  • Position Size110
  • Percentage1.06%
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