$15 Profit
CCJShort Stock

Up on news that Russia might ban uranium exports. This is a 400m float stock, so I watched on the sidelines as it ran up, and waited for it to start topping out. After a high of $10.64 it started to fade, so I got short with an easy risk off HoD, thinking the backside of the move was in effect. I decided to cover as the half dollar held, but it broke down not too long later. Only missed like 4c so far, so not a huge deal, but I played it safe. $29.05 - $13.90 comm = $15.15 win


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wannabestocktraderApr 16, 18 1:12 PM

I had the right idea, good entry, but wasn't patient enough to watch for the breakdown since this was a new stock for me and I'm not familiar with it. Missed 10c on the downside so far, which isn't too bad, but so close again. I was worried about a second bounce, but I didn't give it enough time to show if it was actually going to bounce or not before getting out to protect myself.

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