$66 Profit
MEETShort Stock

Entry comments: Short under heavy resistance. This might pop a little but I'm looking for the eventual fail it always does. It's up decently today on no news, coming off a big spike 5 days ago. Really bad long term chart, bagholders from $2.40 - $2.50 so not worried about a squeeze. If it plows through $2.50 then I'd cover for the loss, but I don't think it'll keep running without more catalysts, so I feel the odds are in my favor.

Exit comments: Got a nice little fade, but decided to cover into $2.30 since it was going so slow and not really selling off more. Heavy algos means it could hold sideways for a while so taking my profits. $80.10 - $13.90 comm = $66.20 win


  • Total Views24
  • Position Size1,000
  • Percentage3.37%
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