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This could've worked but just didn't. The only real thing I was I'd done differently was to get short as soon as it rejected at VWAP. This is a recent adjustment I've made to my strategy. It yields a much better R:R than waiting for a conformation with the same amount of security.


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anatomicMay 28, 18 11:59 AM

The intraday price action just wasn't ideal on the day of and on the prev. day. Could've worked, but if my goal is to be 100% disciplined, this trade shouldn't have happened.

anatomicJan 16, 19 9:27 PM

Gap up OE. For future reference, I don't consider this a pattern because I'm looking for gap and craps the previous day so If theyre still up/holding vwap after the fact, then there is usually a reason for it to keep going the next day. Possible long pattern for the future.

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