-$63 Loss
CMGShort Stock

Not in my niche as far as price, but my real mistake here was that I shorted at vwap instead of letting vwap reject. If I will let VWAP reject and breakdown, I will still have great risk:reward to play off of and I won't keep entering into stocks and just getting smoked. Had a fat finger mistake and shorted 50 shares on accident at first. That's why this loss is so large. I lost $25 immediately.


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anatomicMay 28, 18 12:06 PM

Not my niche. Way too expensive of a stock. Also, the stock did not crack through VWAP enough for me to enter on the retest, in this losing streak, I just kept putting myself in unideal situations. Not filtering out the shit setups. Best thing for me to do would have been to step back and take a few days off, but my time was limited so I was just trying to push and trade as much as I could before I had to go back to my real job.

anatomicJan 16, 19 9:36 PM

Gap up OE again. This serves as a staple that I should take a step back and make sure there isn't a recurring theme to my losses if I'm experiencing significant drawdowns. not sure that the price is a factor as it's all about relative volatility. Until I do more research on this, I'm going to stick to my niche.

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