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AQMSShort Stock

Scratch. Had a good entry, it just didn't do shit. I ran out of time for this trade and took it off. Thankfully I did take it off, because it proceeded to spike towards my risk level.


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anatomicMay 28, 18 12:09 PM

Only thing I can say about this is that I would prefer to only play bounces on these multi-day runners short if the bounces are sharp and reject convincingly. This was a slow gradual VWAP test and just didn't have anymore volatility left in it.

anatomicJan 16, 19 9:43 PM

real move was in the AM, I only play bounces on the initial OE crack days as the volatility is much more dramatic/sharp. My first reassessment of this was on the ball, but it's the daily pattern that dictates if the smaller time frame PA is viable.

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