-$30 Loss
FDCShort Stock

Didn't wait for Rejection of VWAP retest again. I'm going back to papertrading again. I've got to really buckle down and prove that I have an edge here. I'm going to do this with paper money because I'm just burning up my account while trying to work out these subtleties. I know I have an edge here, but I just keep falling into traps of small details. My biggest pitfalls are trading things that have flaws in them (move confirmation, volatility req, volume req, risk too tight, etc.)


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anatomicJan 16, 19 9:46 PM

Gap up OE again. Good to see that this is a significant cause of my overall number of losses so now that by cutting them out, I can hopefully increase my consistency greatly in the future when I actually start trading again.

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