($3) Loss
BLNKLong Stock

Entry comments: What the heck! I was thinking that it's Friday and the short sellers are going to try and load it down and eventually get squeezed. At this point, I am not being very rational. This is the revenge trading that we are all guilty of. And not even with a decent position size.

Exit comments: Out. The moral of this story is for me to be willing to be wrong and accept defeat quickly when the pattern is not there. If I had waited for the late morning consolidation, I would have made a ton, given that I purchased 412 shares for the day. HOD was 6.45. If I had entered in the 5.60s, it would have been a successful trade with me taking close to 15% in profits. Patience is what separates winners from losers.


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  • Percentage-4.68%
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JasraiMay 15, 18 1:05 AM

i did the same thing not to long ago, it feels shitty knowing we were going to lose on the trade but we did them anyway. revenge trading is not fun but you cant help but laugh after

BB7May 16, 18 11:35 AM

Agreed. We can't win 'em all!

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